Meet our house guard :)

Hi everyone! :) I know it's been a week and I haven't really posted anything here. I've been really eager to surf the net but I did not  had the chance to since we do not have any internet connection at the boarding house. So I think, I'll only have the chance to post during weekends whenever I go home just like now. Which I think would be better :) I don't think posting too much like everyday is interesting or good, my blog would only be full of random and nonsense posts that I do not like to happen. k? LOL

okay! So I got home last night and I really missed our dog :) We're not really that close but I love him. He watch for our house and he plays with us a lot although we had a hard time with him because he runs a lot and he always find trouble with the other dogs in our neighborhood. I do not really know what's his breed but he's cute in person xD he was a gift from our aunt and the first time he went here, he sneaked out and got lost for two weeks, how's that? a rebel brat. My dad found him together with our neighbor's (female) dog :D haha. On his first days with us, we had a hard time figuring what type of food he's into. We gave food same with what we ate that night but he did not even took a little. We gave him some other options but he did not ate them so the last one was milk and that was just what he ate -.- picky little dog. He's hairy and they keep on falling on the floor which makes us sweep it every now and then so we tied him outside after three days. We were afraid to lose him again so we decided to tie him up.

I had some photos of him. Below are some. That was my first days since I got home from my OJT at Cebu last summer. I had a hard time with this because he's camera shy xD I cleaned him that time and he was not yet dry when I took pictures of him so I did not held him in the photos.

We had to dogs before. By the way his name is Bogart :D and the other one is Jason. Sadly, Jason disappeared and we do not know where he is. My father said before that he saw a dog lying on the highway which was hit by a car and he suspected it was Jason. We really do not know where he was, it's been years and we think he already died. He was an askal and he always get into fight. Whenever he go home after days, he always have some scratches and wound. My brother named him from his favorite basketball player of my father and uncle's team before. Jason was actually a street dog, he was still a cute puppy when our helper found him in the streets of Steeltown and she brought him here. He was our first dog :) 


  1. Hahahah! OMG, so cuuute! Hahahaha the photo where he had a santan flower crown is the cutest! :)

  2. I was totally out of my mind when I made and put that on his head! xD
    thanks for dropping by! :D

  3. I do not really know what breed. We forgot to ask my aunt who gave him to us :D


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