Baking Laboratory :)

hey hey!!! how was your day?? :) hope you had a great one! anyways, last week was pretty great one. We already had our laboratory and I super love it! although our cake had some problems during the second lab. I'm fine with my group mates it's just that there are some who seems to be not interested with the subject but it's not enough to reason out why they do not participate and cooperate well. They just talk and talk and laugh and roam around the kitchen not thinking what must they do for our group. I got really pissed when he* did not watched out for the cake while it was in the oven when in fact it was he who was inside the kitchen and the worst part? he blamed me. Although he was joking, I was not really happy and I cannot really just be fine on what he said. How can he make a joke like that when the group failed with the cake we made? -.-

Anyway, moving on! Basically, we were only doing the basic of baking first. We baked unshortened cakes like Chiffon, angel cake, 24k gold cake, etc. We also baked some apple kuchin, macaroons, banana cake, etc on the second lab. I took some photos during the laboratory for blogging purposes :D

I'm trying to catch with you guys so I'm gonna be posting a lot during weekends just like today which I made two posts. I think I cannot post anything more since it's a bit late and I know I should be sleeping at this hour now. So I think this is for now, have a good night readers! :)) Happy Sunday in advance! :D


  1. I love the macaroooons!! Yuuuummm! <3 I'm jealous that you have baking classes, I wish I have one, too. Hehehe.

  2. I'm an HRM student btw :D that's why I have this kind of subject :))
    You can bake on your own as long as you have a recipe and an oven.. Macaroons is pretty simple to make :)

  3. Cute macarooons:')

    new follower here! God bless:)


  4. Thanks for following! :) followed yours too :))


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