It's more fun in Ditucalan! xD

Sticking directly to the point! Okay so I went home last Saturday and I realized how much I miss the bridge in our place when we passed there which was blocked for repair in two years. I missed how the monkeys walk around there early in the morning. I always saw them way back in high school because my class starts at 6 AM so I leave home really early before. Anyways,  the lazy weekends: Saturday same with Sunday. Went to mass together with my family, watched ASAP and yeah Junior Master Chef :D, ironed the clothes and more preparations for the week. Left with nothing to do so I browsed the folders and files in the laptop and I saw these amazing photos :)

Just a couple of photos on our place. Ditucalan is obviously a number of kilometers away from the city. It's near the Maria Christina falls, you can actually see the falls from above in the bridge that I was talking :) Ditucalan is really a nice, clean and peaceful place.. yeah very peaceful xD to the extent that we do not even know some of our neighbors :P I do not really roam around and that I think explains it. Photos above are not all mine... it's from Charmaine Regencia and most of the photos above were taken when we were shooting for our English 7 wedding case presentation :)

Isn't it more fun in Ditucalan? bwahahah!!LOL k. Have a blessed week ahead readers! :)


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