False Alarm

False alarm! hahaha, Okay, maybe the title I posted isn't right. Its not GFC that is closing, its Google Reader. But either of the two, wouldn't be GFC useless without Google Reader? I mean, yes I know I'm not gonna loose (literally) my followers but without Google Reader, could they still be updated with my new blog posts? Aren't Google Reader and GFC connected? hahaha, I really do not know. Or maybe Google has bigger things planned than Google Reader. hahaha
Let's just wait till what happens in July 1st. For the meantime, you can follow me on Bloglovin' :) Its cool too!
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*Back to the outfit*

It's officially the end of summer season here in the Philippines. In fact, its raining hard outside. But the weather is just so bipolar. The rain falls only in the afternoon or night, while in the morning Mr Sun is so high shinning brightly. Sudden change of weather can cause sickness. And I hate that, especially when I get cough and colds.

Anyway, it may be the start of rainy season but we still have the hot temperature despite of that. So we still need to wear something weather appropriate. Cool, breezy and refreshing but at the same time warm enough when the rain pours too hard.

That's when polo are in so much of use. You can wear it as a plain top or you can use at as a cardigan and layer it with your other tops. Its such a versatile piece and I just like how it can be used and styled in so many ways. If your not showy enough to flaunt too much of your skin, you can opt to wear a cardigan to cover up or to warm you in cold weather or just simply style it to your preference. 

I DIYed this necklace last year. Its just easy to make! you can check it here.

What I Wear:
Top: Romwe
Cardigan: Thrifted
Short: Thrifted
Shoes: Local Dept.Sore
Bag: Heart strings


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  1. im also confused about that google reader and google friend connect. are they the same? or connected to each other? putting that aside nice pics :) i esp like the necklace.

    1. Me too! some says its connected, some says its not. Its crazy! ahahaha
      anyway, thanks!

  2. so pretty@ Follow you now xjes

  3. Great outfit

    New post on my blog:

  4. That looks nice. I am following you via bloglovin. I am num 42. Nice day.


  5. Followed back on GFC and Bloglovin hun <3
    Keep in touch!



  6. gorgeous outfit!
    now following your lovely blog on bloglovin', follow back? ;)

    - eye_spy

  7. you can still use blogger.com to look at new blog posts :)

    anyway, ooo this outfit is super cute, loving the shorts!


    ♥ Ellen
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  8. I followed you~! on GFC and Bloglovin~


  9. def hate the bipolar weather. I sometimes don't know what to wear anymore. :p anyway, love that necklace! :)

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

  10. Cute!


  11. Great outfit :)


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