Friday the 13th

TGIF! :) yeah! i love weekends, no boring class discussions and early alarms. Anyways, I do not really have anything to talk about, it's just Friday the 13th and nothing really happened today. My birthday often fall to this superstition day and I used to not like it. I once had my birthday on Friday and it did not happened really well that's why I believed about Friday the 13th when I was young but not until now. What happened in the past Friday the 13ths were merely incidences and it could have happened to any day. 

Anyways, we had our prelim exam this morning and I'm certain about getting a low score. It's not that I was not able to study but because I chose not to study xD I just thought those topics were all common hehehe... but I was able to answer! although I was not sure on most of it. haha LOL  If I fail then Friday the 13th would really be a bad luck for me not because of the day itself but because I did not study well. 

I think that's all for today. I'm not in the mood to post now which I do not really know why. For the past days, nothing very much interesting happened and I think this is not good. -.- I want something great! I do not want to get bored and stuck here. k bye :)

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  1. Hi rose ♥ Hihi I'm really blessed winning those giveaways :> Don't lose hope my dear you'll win one for sure. I joined a lot also dati and I didn't win haha just wait and it'll be your turn next time



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