Random things... # 5 Movie and anime marathon soon!!

I'm really excited for the Christmas break. I'm looking forward to watch all the movies I've downloaded and all the anime I've been wanting to watch since before. Facebook is really getting boring just like tumblr, twitter and plurk. So lately, during free time I've been busy downloading movies and watching Fate Zero, Gosick and Ao no exorcist at the same time. Boredom kills me so I do not have any option but to turn the laptop on and surf despite of the fact that my eyes hurts sometimes when I face the laptop for hours. What choice do I have, we do not have television here, I'm too lazy to study for tomorrows exam and quiz, I'm done through hours of sleep and  there's no yummy food in the ref that I can eat! -.-  Haaaaaaaay... I hope Christmas break will come faster so I would go back home and do all the things I used to.

Since I do not have anything else to do aside from surfing the net, I've been watching my favorite anime Fate Zero lately. I've slept almost 1AM the other night because I finished watching the 12 episodes. I'm still looking forward to watch the upcoming episodes, i'm just so obsessed with saber! :) I've watched Gosick too, it's like detective conan. Though it gets boring sometimes, I'll still watch a few more episodes maybe it would change my impression. Then the latest anime I've been watching is Ao No Exorcist, I've watched the first episode and it looks really interesting. I just do not know why I'm such into these kind of anime but lately I've been actually looking for anime like SA and Kimi no Todoke but whenever I search anime it always leads me to action-fictional anime that I'm used to and I do not know why -.- I want change (chowking te?)

Before I forgot, I've been also obsessed watching City Hunter :3 Lee min Ho is just so adorable :D I'm looking forward to finish watching the series :) I just hope I can watch all the things I want to watch this Christmas break :)

Have a good day ahead readers! :)


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