Splash Island Laguna

As I've mentioned in my previous post (here), the three of us were able to squeeze some time and visit Splash Island in Laguna. It was a two bus ride journey that took us only an hour from Makati at 7:30 AM and arrived around almost 9AM. 

We bought our tickets for only 250 pesos from Metrodeal which was so cheap! Splash Island has a ton of cool slides and pool facilities which were worth definitely more than what we paid. So we really got a huge steal! 
The pool and slides were amazing and something we definitely don't have in Timoga here in our city. But I say, our fresh flowing water in Timoga is still the best to swim with. I can totally smell chlorine in the pools in Splash Island which was pretty much understandable because it's a public pool area and the water isn't flowing. But I liked the overall experience. Totally something I've never had before.
Photo credits to The Hungry Pinoy Traveler
These are everything you can try inside. My favorite was definitely Rio Montaniosa, the one in the picture below where the four of us rode in a single floatie. It was quite extreme but so much fun.
Photo credits to The Hungry Pinoy Traveler
There were quite a lot of people and the ques were so long just to try the slides. We were not able to ride all of them because some of the cool rides had time schedules. And because we basically left around 3PM, we missed some of them.  

I forgot to mention that we were accompanied by my sister's college friends who were the ones who organized this trip. Thanks for tagging us along! :) A few more hours later, two more people came with us which were surprisingly common friends. We all went to the same school in college. So all of us are basically bisaya! 
It would have been great if we brought our action camera with us. But we didn't. We could have had good video footage and a bunch of underwater photos. But I guess it's the experience and the memories that count right? I originally didn't want to tag along with them because I was not feeling good. But thankfully I changed my mind and got to experience all of this. My headache and pain suddenly disappeared the moment I went on the water. 

If you happen to go by Laguna, definitely try Splash Island!  That's it for now. Let me know if you've been here or to somewhere similar to here. See you on my next post! <3


  1. We went to splash island din kaso sa hotspring resort nila which is 1km away jan. Dun kami nag honeymoon, mura lang ang room 1800+ for 1 night stay and super quiet ng place, mejo luma na pero since I want quiet and privacy dun kami nagpunta, no corkage fee, you can bring food and drinks all you want.


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