Kaamulan Trip =)

My second time at Bukidnon, first was during our Biology Trip and then this one which is for my Cultural Anthropology class. Call time: 8 AM, six buses carrying 302 students. It took us almost 6 hours to step in at Malaybalay. The long hours of travel was tiresome but it was worth it the moment we reached Bukidnon. The  view was spectacular and the festival was amazing, and off course.. the cold weather! =)

Day 1 - Welcome to Malaybalay!.
Roamed around the place with friends after we ate our lunch the moment we arrived at the Bukidnon State University where we stayed. There were a lot of stalls to shop, with a bunch of cute stuffs to buy. I was trying to thrift my money though I was totally craving to buy a lot of things there. Street lights on, a few minutes after the sun had set and we went to Jonie's to eat dinner. Chitchat with friends when we arrived at the BSU that night, slept around 2 AM ; next day's call time was 4 AM. almost 2 hours of sleep -.-

Day 2 - Kaamulan! kaamulan!.. magbiko tang tanan! xp. 
Curled inside the malong, feet freezing, eyes swelling; we woke up around 4 AM. We were to witness the ritual that the tribes were about to have before they start the street dancing around 5 AM. Feeling very sleepy, a little dizzy and weak, the cold air was breezing as we walked outside,  pressing through my cardigan to my skin, gliding my hair, giving me goosebumps. They started the ritual and the competition had begun. Took a bunch of photos all throughout the parade. Colorful costumes and props, cool stunts, heavy music, etc..wonderful production all in all. Went back to BSU to rest and have enough sleep. Slept for almost 2 hours then went to eat at Inasal for lunch. Wandered around the other side of Malaybalay, which every city also have is the Ukay2. Bought a nice cardigan for my mom =) Strolled at the capitol again, passing the time,walking to every food stalls they had. Chitchat with friends and ate dinner around 7 pm.

Day 3 - Last Day.
Freezing when I woke up as usual. Cold knees, goosebumps and the shivery feeling. Woke up around 6 am. Got ready and dressed up. Seizing the cold weather when we were still there up to the time we stepped out of Bukidnon and reached Cdo. Stop over at Limketkai Center for lunch. Strolled around for three hours; knees tired, hair messy, eyes sleepy.. haggard looks in general. With lots of things and food to buy, I went out of the bush and spend all my money that I tried not to touch in Bukidnon -.- 

Till my next post! =) xo! <3


  1. hala!ang aqng restaurant,naa lagi.hehe."jonie's"...hehe

  2. the more I miss the Philippines with your photos! great trip- never been there yet! :))

  3. Always my dream to travel down south. This just intensified it :)

  4. I like the three lovely ladies with small ice cream cones... They're really beautiful.

  5. the small ice cream are so adorable! =)
    i just had to stare

  6. I like the festival pictures.

  7. Was that a giant duck? Looks painstakingly made. The mini ice cream palette was cute too :)

  8. fiestas are definitely fun to watch. Looks like you and your friends enjoyed your road trip.

  9. been to bukidnon and cdo but what really strikes me is your ice cream!!!haha. i love your 12th photo. what animal is that?

  10. Ive been to Bukidnon once,
    visited Dahilayan Zip Line and the Del Monte CLub House
    Of course, the white water rafting starts in Bukidnon..
    The moment I saw Bukidnon's scenic Hills inside a van,
    I regretted not having to spend an overnight trip here.
    maybe next time, Im sure to keep tab of Bukidnon..
    BTW! What is Kaamulan?

  11. Chef Tony's popcorn I like!!!!!!!!!! Penge!

  12. wow!! still amazing how philippine festivals are way more gorgeous and colourful than any other country! xx

  13. It's really more FUN in the Philippines.
    The pictures captured the wonderful time you spent there.

  14. Good thing its more fun going to a province like Bukidnon. ^_^


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