A day @ Taojo's Residence.

Gettin' ready for the Christmas party this coming Thursday. I do not have any background on how to print designs on shirts so I had him to teach me :D It seemed really easy whenever I watch how the people print designs on shirts but in reality it's so damn hard -.- It was my first time, I hope she/he would like the shirt despite of the slight damage on the print. The shirt is halfway done since I do not have the appropriate color for the name but it would be ready soon (bsta before thursday) haha..

I've been at their house before, I think thrice already. Whenever her sister invites me before when she was still here and then today. It's so awkward to face and talk with her motheeeeeeer -.- than before when I have him and her sister to talk with. Anyways, I just like their house so much. Her mother has a lot of collections which are really cute; from Budhas, dolls and clowns down  to elegant crystal glasses. 

They also have a cute mini fountain inside their living room :) 

Looking forward to visit again... :)) 


  1. we used to have a lot of those japanese dolls at home when i was a kid and they would totally freak me out! hahaha! awesome workmanship on them though :)

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  2. Hi! :) Thank you so much for dropping and reading my post! :)

    I've joined your giveaways already:) I just hope I would win those :D


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