It was a good weather, not so hot nor cold. It was gloomy but it was fine. Our Christmas Party at the pool went really good and it was a blast! We had fun together, swimming in and taking pictures underwater, playing cards, making fun at each other and exchanging each other's presents. Our day started really good, maybe same with the others but then some had such a tragic day. 

Everyone didn't expected things to happen this way. I didn't even know that there's a storm coming. And even if there is, we cannot imagine things like this to happen but unexpectedly, it happened . Iligan City rarely experience storms, strong wind and rain occurs but not like what has happened. It rained when I got home and then a few minutes more the wind started to bend trees and it got stronger and heavier. I was watching Kimi ni Todoke live action and the movie Flipped when it started raining cats and dogs with strong and massive wind. I didn't mind, I thought it was just normal, raining with strong wind. Not until I noticed the people from other rooms to start complaining and clearing their rooms with the water that had entered. The hallway got really wet due to the wind that brought the water inside. It happened all of a sudden.  Still, I didn't mind because I was appease knowing that Iligan do not usually get hit by storms. 

It was until when I woke up this morning when realized what happened last night. I got text messages from my friends saying that they have been flooded, water level is high and a lot of people were stranded. My phone was running out of energy and there was no electricity all over Tibanga. I lost contact with my friends when my phone got down. Added to that, we had no water since the pump does not work due to electricity problem so we had to get water from the ground floor and then bring it up to our room which is in the 3rd floor just to get a bath and feel refresh. Right after, we packed clothes we no longer use to give to the flood victims. 

We delivered them to the IIT GYM where some of the victims were evacuated. I was shocked to see how the school was greatly affected by the flood. The CBAA was I think the most affected. We even saw some students and teachers who were cleaning the rooms filled with mud.

Right after giving the donations, we decided to go to the mall to eat lunch. We had a hard time commuting because there a few Jeep who were paroling. All of the jeep we saw were already full. After an hour waiting, we had the chance to ride. While we were on the jeep, there was a woman with her husband who were crying and murmuring something. It was right after a few minutes when I heard exactly what she was saying. She cried while saying "sorry baby" and then there was a man who was beside me cheering her up, that it was not her fault if she wasn't able to hold her baby harder. It was an accident. It tore my heart hearing her and the man who was explaining to her. Her husband and she were looking for their child, still hoping to have their child alive.

You would really know the victims for they have no slippers, with muddy feet and dresses. It's very sad to see how the storm caught lives and properties despite the fact that Christmas is very near. This would be their saddest Christmas ever :( I decided to go back home and this is what I saw as I was on my way.

Estimated missing persons are around 200 + and 40 + dead. I haven't seen half of what the storm has brought but based on what my  bare eyes have seen, this is the worst thing we ever experienced. Below are some of the photos taken from the most affected areas. Photos are not mine, credits to the owners.

Let us all pray for the victims of typhoon and hope that the survivors would be able to get up and move on from the tragic. Please help Iligan, any help will do..


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