Cookie & Kofie

How's your 2022 going so far? Here's another Blog challenge for yáll. My first blog for this year! It's crazy how I usually blog almost every day during college days, but now I can only blog once or twice a year. Adulting and priorities take up most of my time these days. Ugh.

Anyways, I'm very excited to introduce you to my pets, Cookie & Kofie!

I've blogged about Cookie before but none about Kofie yet. I got Cookie around 2017 and she was the first ever dog that I own. She was very behaved, fun, and cute. She turned 5 years old this year and has gotten more behaved than when she was still a puppy. 

Then came Kofie last 2020. She was our puppy share with my husband's dog. She was the smallest among the 3 puppies. We were really thinking of getting another dog so Cookie has someone to play with especially when we are out doing errands. And Kofie definitely came at the perfect time. I can really say they clicked right away. Although Cookie is an introverted dog, she gets along really well with Kofie. Kofie brings her so much joy and fun. They are literally the perfect combination. Cookie the silent dog, and Kofie the hyperactive and clingy dog. Kofie likes to kiss and sleep on me like literally sleep on top of me. lol

Aren't they cute? They bring so much life and joy into our home. I can't imagine our life without these two. 


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