Naga Adventure 2019

Well here's another late post for you from 2 years ago! We went to Naga to tour and celebrate my sister's birthday last 2019, just in time for Penafrancia. Mayon volcano has been on my bucket list and I'm so glad I was able to visit with family and friends before the pandemic hit. 

I originally wanted to share the details of our travel like full itinerary and all but I've been MIA and busy with life so I didn't have the time to blog right away. Since this was two years ago, I already forgot the details but I still want to share with you a glimpse of our travel.

DAY 1: Penafrancia

You can't visit Naga without trying their signature Sili Icecream! I'm not a spicy lover so I did not enjoy it that much but it was definitely interesting and worth a try. 

DAY 2: Mayon Volcano

For Day 2, we went to Albay and visited Mayon Volcano. We went as close as we can get. Definitely one of my most memorable adventures! It was a very fulfilling day. I never knew I could drive an ATV going up to see Mayon Volcano up close. 

Jump shot fails :D 

Model yarn? HAHAHA

DAY 3: Sumlang Lake & Deer farm

We visited other tourist destinations on our way including Sumlang Lake and the Deer Farm. There was not much to do at the lake but there are definitely a lot of IG corners perfect for photos. I would highly recommend visiting the deer farm if you like nature spots. There's a lot of amazing views on the way too.

We were swarmed with deers when we were trying to feed them. They're not scary at all but we were surrounded and mobbed because of the grass.  I guess they were hungry. lol

A mini facial/spa to end the night.

Day 4: Wakeboarding

Day 4 was another adventurous day I can never forget. That day I discovered my love for wakeboarding. It's definitely a sport I think I can be really good at if I try. I think I'm just natural when it comes to water sports like surfing. I did an amazing job on my first try! *pat on the back

Before we proceed to wakeboard, we had a little bit of fun on their huge floaties. Looks fun at first glance but the struggle was real. lol Definitely a hard one when you're actually there already. It was so hot but still very fun.

Geared up and all smiles for the orientation and my first try.

One hand on my 3rd try wohoooooooo!

Seeing these photos, I wonder, when can we ever travel again without restrictions and anxiety of getting the virus? Being in the crowd, not wearing face masks, not having to sanitize every few minutes, etc. I'm just glad to be able to travel to these wonderful spots in CamSur before the pandemic happened. 

If you guys are thinking of travelling to Mayon anytime soon, make sure to visit the places I mentioned. Highly recommended!


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