Our Little Cookie Monster

2018 has been a chaotic year, I don't wanna even talk about it.  I think I haven't had the chance to introduce to you our little cookie monster :)  I got her August of last year at the veterinary clinic my boyfriend's dog always go to. She was super small and cute together with her little sis. I hesitated to get her at first because I didn't think I could raise a pup well yet. But when we came back the second time, she was all left alone with her sis adopted by someone already. She was so cute and it looked like she wanted me to get her.  She was acting all cute and cuddly the whole time! So got her. And it was the start of our home getting all messed up. literally!

Who could ever resist this little fellow? My heart melted the first time I saw her!

She's so well-behaved at first when she got home. She was so tiny! But the chaos began when she started peeing and pooping everywhere! I couldn't even describe how awful the smell was. Even worse is how many times she does it! And sometimes, she goes inside my room just to relieve herself (on my bed!). Most of our in-house slippers were all missing a strap. I don't know why she loves to bite and play with slippers and shoes, even until now that she's already over a year old. She didn't even spare my only pair of go-to- sandals (the one i'm wearing in the photo btw). But with all those messed up situations, I still couldn't get mad at her.

See how sassy she looks and walks? She doesn't wanna get disrupted with whatever she wants to do. She hates when I try to get the slippers she's destroying and the food she's not allowed to eat. Also, this little pup eats A LOT. At first, I couldn't think of a name for her but we ended up naming her Cookie because of her brown spots. But I think we named her perfectly because she's a true monster when it comes to food. She never gets full.

This was Cookie's first time inside a cafe. She was well-behaved not until the food arrived. She almost jumped onto the table where the food was served. I ended up giving her bits of my baked macaroni. She was so happy. Her tails were wagging the whole time!

This was my first picture with her right after I got her from the veterinary clinic. She wasn't feeling very well because she ate a new kind of dog food she's never had before. I had to monitor her every hour because of her bad tummy. But she got all better the day after.

She's now a 1 year and 3 months old. We have the same birth month actually :) She's still as sassy as before but good thing she's more behaved and tamed down. Also, I haven't really had the chance to potty train her because I'm always out and about and nobody in the family knows how.

Do you guys know any helpful tips? Please leave them in the comments section down below. I'd really appreciate :)


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