Mom Life

I know it's been a while since I blogged and surprise...I'm finally at Mom at 30! 

My brain still cannot process the whole thought of being able to literally grow a human being inside of me, delivering it out after 9 months, and now taking care of him as a newborn. I had no time to process everything when he came since my husband and I had to take care of him after giving birth. The first two weeks home was the most hectic.

I just thought it's time to update you guys about my life, now as a first-time Mom.

Maternity Shoot Photos


I would say I had a pretty good pregnancy experience. The first trimester was the hardest as I felt all my energy drained even with just little movements. I slept almost the whole day every day, not wanting to move out of bed. I also didn't have an appetite at all. I didn't even gain any weight in the first month. Then everything went better as the months passed. Looking back, it's just funny how I had zero energy the first months and then suddenly I had the urge to go out almost every day on my second and third trimesters. Mind you, I am a certified home buddy and I thrive being at home but it was a different case when I reached 2nd trimester. I always go out with my husband even though I have no business or errands. I just loved going out of the house and strolling in the city.

Labor & Delivery

Not sure if I blogged about my previous anembryonic pregnancy but I think that experience helped me a lot with my labor. This time I knew what contractions are and how they feel because of that experience.
I started to feel very light contractions around 1 am but I thought I was just feeling gassy. And then it became stronger and had a pattern. That's when I knew I was already in labor. We went to the hospital at 4am already dilated at 5cm. At 7am I was dilated at 8cm and then at 8am that's when I felt the urge to push. At first, the resident doctor attending to me didn't believe me when I told her I couldn't hold any much longer since my contractions are still far apart. I just knew it was coming when a lot of my Mom friends and even the Doctor told me that the feeling is almost just the same as when we are pooping. It's funny when I first heard that but then I realized it was the exact feeling when I was in labor on my miscarriage during my anembryonic pregnancy. And then when they checked me I was already almost 10cm dilated and I was rushed to the delivery room. My water broke just as I sat down at the delivery table. The doctor wasn't there yet and I couldn't hold much longer. When she arrived just a few moments after the water broke, I pushed hard. The first and second try were like trial pushes and on the third, I pushed the hardest. I couldn't even count how many seconds that third push took but my son came right out after that. Thank God!

Mom Life

Being a mom is very fulfilling and exhausting. That's my very honest opinion. There are so many things I thought I already know that I didn't expect to be much worse.

The sleepless nights and endless cry is definitely the hardest. My son is now almost 4 months old and we just got out of the newborn phase, the sleepless phase. LOL. My son can now distinguish day and night and so we do not have trouble making him sleep longer hours in the night. There are bad nights of course. The only issue is that he fights his day naps A LOT. We are still trying to figure that part out but for the rest, I must say we are pretty okay, for now. I know things could change since he is still growing and his patterns will change along the way.

Drastic body changes. I knew my body would change after giving birth but I didn't expect such drastic change. My boobie doubled in size and my waist is much bigger than before. I was 57kg after I gave birth and I didn't gain much weight the first month probably because of the sleepless nights, but now in the 4th month, I am almost at 60kg! Back to the weight when I was still 9 months pregnant. No jeans and tops fit me anymore. Good thing I found the best tummy control shapewear to help me slim down and fit some of my clothes. 

It is highly recommended by doctors to wear shapewear postpartum. I've seen some great shaper shorts that are perfect for Moms like me to get that snatched fit. There are so many benefits of using shapewear. They help reduce the appearance of belly fat from pregnancy, improve posture, and most importantly, help boost confidence. Depression is inevitable and a lot of Moms are experiencing postpartum depression due to the huge body changes. Shapewear gives us the confidence we need to feel good and lessen depression.

I found the booty shaping shorts perfect for Moms like me who just gave birth. It helps snatch the waist 2 sizes down like a corset without the discomfort. My favorite part? there's a zipper crotch for a more effortless toilet experience. Function and comfort in one!

The anxiety and the feeling of being not enough. I think this is the part where I felt most depressed. As a first-time Mom, I had no idea of raising a child, let alone a tiny little human being that is so small and fragile. The moments when he cries so much and I do not have any idea why, makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job and that I do not deserve to be a Mom. Plus the anxiety and worry over little things.

This world just got bigger and brighter now that I have a son. I guess it's really true that you do not think about yourself anymore but you focus more on what you can do to give everything to your child in the present and his future. 

There's so much more I want to share with you about my life as a first-time Mom. But I think this is it for today. My life just became more exciting and I cannot wait to share with you my journey as a Mom. Till next time!


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