Our Intimate Wedding

Fast forward a year and two months later, I'm finally posting about my wedding! I always thought I already blogged about this but turns out, I have not yet. If you read my previous blog, 2020 In Review, you'd know we tried to push through the wedding despite the pandemic. COVID KA LANG! lol

Wedding in the midst of a pandemic

Who would have thought that our 10-year relationship would be sealed during a chaotic Covid-19 pandemic? Our wedding was supposedly April 30, 2020, but due to the pandemic, we had to postpone the wedding and wait till the lockdown was lifted. The moment we got an opening, we immediately pushed through June 20, 2020. And guess what, just a few weeks after, our city went on a month-long lockdown again. We were lucky that we had the chance to get married despite the chaos. 

Because of the situation, our wedding had a lot of restrictions. We initially invited 150 guests and even had our entourage fit their gowns and suits already but we were only able to invite 70 guests. To make things worse. only 20 of them were allowed in the reception. Given the limit, we were only able to invite our family and a few sponsors. No friends and no relatives. That was very unfortunate but we still pushed through because we knew they would understand our situation. 

June 20, 2020 - Our Intimate Wedding

Thanks to our suppliers and coordinators, our wedding day went very smoothly. I did not think of anything else aside from getting ready and getting my photos taken. All the wedding details and problems were taken care of by our coordinator. I did not worry a thing. And you know what, all I can think at the time was "is this it?" because I thought, like any other weddings I know, the bride usually stresses out on different things. But I did not and the day went by so fast.

I chose to have a very simple wedding gown with no beads, glitters, nor lace. I wanted to wear something that will still look elegant years after. The motif was pink and I specifically ask my groom to wear a blue suit. I just think blue looks really good on him and he looks really amazing.

The church was decorated really nicely and I could not ask for more! It looked like I was walking down on a beautiful garden wedding. The church really transformed and fit very well on our garden reception.

Funny story but my husband and I didn't really know what to do when the ceremony started.  We didn't rehearse at all and so we didn't know that we had to read something, where to start reading, what to answer, etc. It was a little chaotic and funny at the same time. 

Special thanks to Jims Oga for my Hair and Makeup. Love the messy hairdo and very natural and fresh makeup look. I highly recommend you book him on your special events too!

The wedding ceremony went by really fast. Then we took some photos as a couple and together with our new entourage. Remember we weren't able to invite anyone aside from our family, even the entourage we initially listed. So our siblings became our entourage on the spot! lol, it was funny but unique at the same time. I mean, have you been to any wedding like ours? I don't think so!

Our reception was simple but very elegant. We initially booked on Mahogany Hills but everything was canceled due to the pandemic and so we had to change the venue. I'm glad we chose Sr. Alan Residences. We absolutely made the right choice to do the reception here. Not only did we have a free 1-night stay on their 2-story guest house but we had an amazing reception here. We didn't plan on a garden theme ceremony and reception but just look at how it turned out. I love everything about it.

The night flew by really fast. The several months of preparation and postponement were finally over. My husband and I really enjoyed our wedding day and how it turned out. If there's something we regret, it's definitely not being able to be with friends who personally knew the journey of our relationship. It could have been more fun.  And if we were to go back to this day, we would love to slow down the time and seize every moment. Because if you ask me what's the one thing I hated that day, it would be how fast the time went by. I didn't fully realize that it was my wedding day until it ended lol

But nevertheless, I could not ask for more. Looking back to this day, 1 year after, I'm still in awe of how our wedding came to be despite the hurdles. Special and intimate. I'm very thankful and happy because I know our union was a blessing. No pandemic or rain could stop our wedding because I know God was with us. It could've rain hard that day but it only showered very lightly for a few minutes during the ceremony and stopped right when it ended just in time for our outdoor reception.

On behalf of my husband, we would like to thank again the people who made our wedding day come true. Our coordinators, photographer, and videographer, Maam Sarah who made my wedding gown, Jims Oga for hair and makeup, and many more.

Sharing with you all our SDE. Enjoy!


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