Prenup Shoot + Behind The Scenes

Meetings after meetings, we finally decided to do the Prenup shoot in an overnight stay at Hills View Mountain Villa to get the amazing Sea of Clouds in the photos. Unfortunately, the Sea of clouds decided not to appear that day. lol But the photos still turned out really amazing so nevertheless, it was still worth the long hours of travel! 

It took us approximately 8 hours to travel from Iligan to the site. If you've read my Year In Review post, I mentioned we almost did not push through the shoot because it was the time when the virus started to alarm the entire nation. But we still went on it anyway. lol And when we arrived, the local authorities stopped us from going into the site where our accommodation was (and where we will be doing the shoot) because of the whole virus situation. We still made it through after a few hours of asking for permission but we were only allowed to stay until 7AM the following day. We ended up packing until around 9AM the next day thankfully without getting arrested looooool

The view was amazing and the photos turned out really great. Thanks to Orbe Studios for the wonderful shots! We also did a few casual indoor shots around the hotel premises. It was very awkward, to be honest, but I just went on with it thinking that these photos would be taken just once in my life! Well, thinking about it now, I wish I posed better in the photos! hahaha 

After taking photos in the villa, we decided to take more from other locations in Bukidnon. 

We were able to film a few clips here and there during the shoot. Here's a quick vlog of our prenup!

The whole experience was so fun. Rj and I are very thankful to all the people who made our prenup fun and successful; our stylists (Glen Torayno's Art of Cosmetics), photographers, and to our coordinator. These photos mean a lot to us! Thank you for giving us such amazing photos to remember!


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