My 2020 In Review

2020 was a memorable year, literally. Corona came and the whole world stopped and was quarantined for months and then viola! End of 2020. That was pretty quick to summarize. lol


"How was your 2020?" 
Is that even a question!? 

I usually do a Year In Review type of posts but I skipped 2019 since it was a bad year and nothing good happened at all. I was very hopeful for 2020 and I was ready to bid 2019 farewell and move on. I thought I would be able to experience life and travel more in 2020 but my plans went downhill. 

Because of the virus, I spent months and months at home very rarely going outside. Working from home (thank God I work online!), watching TV, watching my favorite Kpop groups, eating, sleeping was my everyday routine. It doesn't sound bad honestly and I'm very thankful that quarantine didn't affect me in a lot of ways. But sadly, so many people lost their jobs, didn't have enough food to eat, and couldn't adjust to the new norm. Clearly, 2020 was not the year for most of us.

Even though I wasn't able to travel and experience new things as I hoped, 2020 was a milestone for me.

I got married!

My boyfriend and I of 10 years got married last June 20, 2020. It was something we've been discussing and finally decided to tie the knot this year. We started saving up in December of 2019 having no exact date for the wedding yet. By February we calculated how much would the wedding cost and how fast can we save up. We decided the date May 30, 2020. We did the prenup shoot on March 14-15, 2020 in Bukidnon, when news of the virus started to alarm the entire world. Unsure of how the situation goes, we still decided to do the shoot to make sure we are right by our schedule. No one knew how long will the pandemic last. We were still hoping the whole situation subsides nearing our wedding date but oh well, the wedding didn't happen as expected because of the quarantine.

The moment our city lifted the quarantine, we decided to proceed with the wedding on June 20, 2020. A lot of people thought it was rushed, that they were surprised by the sudden news. We didn't really send out invitations prior because we didn't have any exact date yet due to the whole situation. Yes, the date June 20, 2020, was rushed, but we decided to push through before the situation worsens and get quarantined again. At the time, we thought the situation might get worse every day and might even last for years. Because of the virus, it was an intimate wedding and we only invited immediate family members and a few sponsors. No friends or distant relatives at all. It's quite sad not being able to share our wedding with other people that are close to us but we had to do it. 

It was an intimate wedding but very heartfelt. To me, it was perfect.

We launched two new businesses!

Puwag Ngabil Toasted Palapa

We launched Puwag Ngabil Toasted Palapa around October of 2020. It was a surprise hit! Palapa is a very well-known condiment in Marawi that now became popular in Iligan. We just can't get enough of this spice! So we decided to add a unique twist - toasted to perfection! To those who prefer a less oily version that has a more appetizing look and smell, this is for you! Now, we have shipped boxes of our Puwag Ngabil Toasted Palapa to several cities outside of Iligan! 

Tech Newb Computer Store

My husband has been a computer enthusiast his whole life and had been dreaming of owning a computer shop. Now he has one, Tech New PC Hub! It was during quarantine that he started freelance computer builds for friends and family. Due to lockdown, many people started working from home, and students having online classes. The demand for computers was very high. His freelance gig started growing and we decided to fully venture into the business. 

Both businesses are doing well so far and we can't wait to see them grow this 2021!

First Christmas and New Year Together

I never experienced Christmas and New Year with my boyfriend in our 10 years of relationship. We were always with our respective families. Now that we are married, it was quite tough to divide and spend Christmas and New Year equally with both families! lol but it definitely was double the fun!


Even though 2020 was a rough year, I had a lot of firsts and memorable experiences I will cherish forever. I got married and I couldn't be happier with how my life is right now.  I am very grateful for the gift of love, life, and family. Being able to go through and survive 2020 taught me a lot of things.

I am excited to see what 2021 lies ahead. I am excited to experience more firsts and memorable experiences with my husband. Here's to hoping for a virus-free, healthy, and prosperous 2021! *cheers!

Happy New Year y'all!


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