Macau Day Tour

Hey! How's it goin'? So two years have passed since I went to Macau and I'm only blogging about it now. I have no excuses, only valid reasons! So many things happened in two years and blogging at that time wasn't my priority. It still isn't now but at least I think I got a little bit of time to spare. Also, ever since I transferred my blog to Wordpress, my site keeps getting malware and it keeps getting blocked! Anyway, so much about my reasons and rant...

Anyway... After several days of fun-filled (and tiring -LITERALLY! I almost got sick) adventure in Hong Kong, we decided to head to Macau for a quick Day Tour. And I must say, this must have been the most time constraint and tiring day tour I've had in my whole life! So much running lol Literal haggard! no time to vlog!

So if you're going to Macau, I would suggest you take at least two days to enjoy the place. Anyway, I'd love to tell you more about these places, our itinerary and all but I already forgot the details. As I said, it's been two years. lol

Our last breakfast in Hong Kong before heading to the Port going to Macau.

All smiles on our way to Macau! Fresh pa ha!

And when we arrived, tadaaa... So many cool buildings and picture-worthy views. You can't imagine how many times we had to stop to take photos lol

These buildings are so pretty!

There was so much crowd going to the ruins that we have to stick with each other not to get lost. The best part on this alley was their Portuguese egg tart! So gooooooooood.  

We wanted to get close and a clear shot but these were so many tourists. Nevertheless, the view was spectacular!  After the Ruins, we did a quick tour on some of the famous hotels around. As we did not have so much time, we had to walk fast the whole time, almost running! 


This photo was taken inside a hotel's CR. No words. 

Our last destination was to see this Eiffel Tower look alike. We almost did not have the chance to visit this place as we did not have a lot of time but we ran just to take these shots. We ran again to get to the airport. It was like a marathon, no kidding! Everything was just so fast! I'm never doing this again! HAHAHAHHA


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