Tram and Victoria Peak at Night

It's no doubt how amazing Hong Kong is with its clean surroundings, sky-high buildings, and rich culture. But I fell in love with this country even more with its breathtaking night view! Right after we enjoyed the thrill and fun at Ocean Park (blog post here), we headed straight to Victoria Peak through Hong Kong's famous Peak Tram.

We had a long day at Ocean Park so we were already dead tired on our way to Peak Tram. We all thought it was going to be an easy ride since it was already night time. But contrary to what we thought, we waited for an hour on the line to ride the tram. It was quite the wait but worth it. It was scary at first because of how steep it was! I couldn't imagine how they were able to construct a railway that steep! And imagine all the tall buildings built on that steep ground!

But everything was worth it once we saw this amazing view! Hong Kong is truly such an amazing place. Imagine all these buildings built on high mountains and steep grounds! Hong Kong is such a small country compared to the Philippines but look at how incredible it has become!

There were quite a lot of people so we had to quickly find even a small spot to take a photo. We stayed quite late until most of the people were out to get this whole view on our own.

I swear my feet and sole were hurting like hell! My muscles and my whole body are sore and tired! but all of that faded away with Hong Kong's breathtaking view at night!

Check out our full Hongkong 2018 Adventure below :)


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