HongKong Day 3 at Ngong Ping 360

After Disneyland and Ocean Park, we spent our 3rd day touring around Ngong Ping Village. It was a nice break from the bustling city of Hong Kong. I love the scenery, nature, and fresh air. We rode the Ngong Pin 360 Crystal cabin cable car going there. It was one of the best views we've had during the daytime. The ride was about 20 minutes long which was so worth it. I totally fell in love with nature and just simply thinking about how they managed to build the cable car on Hong Kong's mountainous landscape was mind-blowing!

The 20 minutes long ride was spent on sightseeing and of course, taking photos! Paying extra bucks to get the crystal cabin was a great decision. We had an amazing view (scary at first!) of what's down there.

Upon arriving, you'll be greeted with a mini Chinese village full of cute shops that sell different cultural pieces, souvenir items, food, and so much more. If I just had the money to buy anything I want, I could have bought a lot from here. Too bad, I don't have much budget to splurge!

Just a few steps from the village was the Big Buddha Shrine, the second largest outdoor bronze seated Buddha making it the most iconic spot in Lantau. This huge Buddha is located at the top of Mount Muk Yue. We had to climb 268 steps to get there. If you have weak legs, you'll end up struggling like me :D But hey, I made it to the top! The stunning view and fresh air were definitely worth the tiring steps!

Taking photos around the shrine was quite challenging. With a lot of people trying to climb and at the same time take photos, you'll surely have a butt-filled background to your photos!

Just beside the Big Buddha was the solemn Polen Monastery, a world-renowned Buddhist temple for its prominent architectural design. I was amazed by how they were able to preserve such rich culture. Imagine maintaining and preserving this amazing temple since 1906!

Day 3 ended with a nice snack at the temple. It was the only relaxing day on our trip, I tell you. The next blog posts will show you how packed our schedule was on the last 2 days of our trip. It was crazy but worth it :)

That's it for now guys. Have a great day!


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