2016 Year End Party

Happy new year guys! It's officially 2017! I hope you had a lot of fun last year and will continue to have more fun and blessings for this year. 2016 indeed flew by so fast. It wasn't my best year and to a lot of people that I know as well. I don't know why but it's just not our year perhaps. But this year, we will make it ours! 
We kicked off 2016 with a fun beach resort adventure together with our CFC (Couples for Christ) family. We spent two days and one night at the resort and it was sure a lot of fun! It was my first time there and it was surprisingly nice.I didn't thought we have a great resort by our city. lol 
We definitely took advantage of the pool area. We also rode the banana boat for 1,600 (maximum of 12 persons) and it was fun but stressful at the same time! I'm an adventurous type of person but I never though the ride was so extreme. I honestly though it's just gonna be like strolling at the beach. lol I almost fell! If i hadn't grip the handles tight I could have fallen out of the water. I literally like jumped in the air and bumped my face on the floatie a lot of times. It was like the longest 7 minute ever! That was the best "expectation vs reality" experience for me.
Woke up early at 5AM and had a short praise and worship session by the beach. Everyone played games right after. It was sure a lot of fun especially when watching our parents play like they're still children! >.<
There was a ton of food on the table! I also love that we had a karaoke in our tent. We went and tried the aquatic facility thinggy for an hour before heading home. It was one great experience!
It was definitely a great trip to end the year! I hope you guys had a great new year! Let's all hope and pray for a more prosperous new year!!!! God bless us all!


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