Unboxing FAIL! Reklamo sa LAZADA

The year is coming to an end. 2016 flew so fast you guys! I have a lot of friends saying this isn't the best year and I think it really isn't. It's a very idle year for me. There wasn't that much of a growth compared to 2015. I've been so lacking and lazy this year and I hope I can change that when 2017 comes. As they say, new year means new start; a fresh life. And I hope that would be the case for 2017!!

That's me being hopeful for the next year. But anyway, you guys know I love shopping online. I have a number of online shops I shop frequently at and one of them is Lazada. I have never experience shopping online and getting the wrong item. I was so excited with my Lazada order because it was one of the most hyped review item online which I have been eyeing for a while and finally decided to try it.

Took them almost 3 weeks to deliver and surprise! surprise! it wasn't the item that I ordered. Can you just imagine my disappointment the moment I opened the package? haha I even took my camera and filmed myself while unboxing the package and then this happened.

Yes I was really dissapointed because I was so excited that time and all of it was struck down. I had to reorder the item because they refunded me instead of replacing the item. But good thing they had great customer service. My disappointment didn't last very long. I tweeted about not getting the right item and they immediately replied and gave me full instructions on how to return the item. They were very friendly and funny! It took them a few days to deliver my order. Quite surprised it was faster than the previous delivery and it was definitely the right item this time. 

Definitely my first time to experience such problem but gladly, they handled it well. There will always be instances like this when shopping online, that's inevitable. Anyway, that's it for my story time :) I hope you guys are having a great holiday season! Happy new year!!!! 


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