2016 Favorites: Beauty, Fashion, Music & More!

Hey guys it's Em! Welcome back to my blog and happy new year! How's the first days of 2017? So far so good? I knew 2016 flew by so fast for a lot of us. For me, I made so many mistakes and because of that, I learned a lot. Hopefully this year will be a better year for me. But before we move on to this year, let's take a look back on how our 2016 went by. 
For today's blog, I've run down a list of my most favorites for last year. It's a mix of different things; food, Youtube videos, korean drama, makeup, fashion and a whole lot more!


I tried and tested several makeup brands and among all, I had my heart to these amazing products. 
These two products from Missha definitely tops my favorite for 2016! These two are the most amazing finds I had last year. They changed my everyday make up routine. All thanks to Althea for making these products very accessible. I've posted my reviews on these products here and here.
Also loving this facial brush that I bought from Althea. It really helped my skin condition a lot! helps me remove my makeup and dirt really well. If you're not using any facial brush yet, you better do!
This is another beauty favorite from Althea as well. You can definitely tell I love Althea because I shop always in there! I love that this product is very natural and works really great even to my oily skin type. I use it every morning as moisturizer before I apply makeup and at the evening before I go to sleep.
I have also been loving this lip and cheek tint. Definitely love the fact that it's a local brand. It doesn't dry my lips as much as other tints do. Plus, these are very cheap! 

I have not blogged a review for these products though but I will some time soon! watch out for it.

The last one would probably be Maybelline's Fashion Brow Duo Shaper. It really made my eyebrow game way faster and easier than before. I just wish they have more range of colors. But nevertheless, this brow shaper comes very handy with double end tip! Perfect for travelling.


I can definitely say that 2016 was a very experimental year fashion wise. I mean, I have tried several trends last year and it was pretty fun. I definitely have been loving basic clothing. Not just because it was trendy but I think it's just my style. I don't really exert too much effort when styling myself so the basic trend definitely suits my style well! I have also been loving high waist skirts and jeans. They're definitely very trendy last year too. I bought most of these clothing on ebay by the way. Click the photos for the direct links of my outfit posts.
I really love this white shoes I purchased from Oasap last year. Definitely one of my best buy! love the look and style of this shoes. It just goes with anything I wear!
Stylwe sent me this cool bomber jacket and I'm in love! I have been travelling quite a lot last year and this jacket definitely came very handy.
Another generous sponsor, Fashionme sent this very cool black top last year. Definitely loving the fact that this feels very comfortable! I love the style and the cut out too. Plus, it's in black so it's definitely my style.


I got obsessed with this game last year that I even bought it for myself as a Christmas present. lol I even made a gaming channel on youtube. Here is my first upload on my gaming channel!

Korean Drama

I also have been watching on aired Korean dramas last year which was quite not so me because I used to only watch finished korean dramas. I wanted to watch series continuously until the ending in one whole day. And that's pretty stressful because I end up sleeping late at night. So I suggest if you guys love watching korean dramas, watch it while it's on air!

So for last year, I have been watching a lot of Korean dramas. There were so many unforgettable dramas but among everything I watched I think these three series left a very good impression in me. If you guys are looking for series to watch, I can definitely recommend these!
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Jo


I'm not a big fan of Kpop even until now. It's just recently that I get to explore more about it when I found out about this cool new girl group called Blackpink. If you liked Fifth Harmony or Little Mix, you will love these girls too! They're very cute, cool and talented. They're group name says it all! I don't understand the lyrics but the beat is so catchy and the songs is pretty much stuck in my head. If you have not heard any of their songs yet, then you're missing out a lot!
lso loving Ariana Grande's album! I love love love her sexy soothing voice! All her songs in her album are pretty dope!

That's it you guys! I definitely had a lot of favorites last year but among those, these list stood out to me the most. Let me know what are your favorites too in the comments down below so I could also check them out! <3A


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