Beauty Review: Raclia Cleanser & Pobling

I have been problematic with my skin in the past months and it's still is a mystery to me what happened and why it happened. I had great skin last year not until June, off all.. my birth month, when it started. It's a long story, fast forward today I still have not found a solution to it.

I have been reading and watching acne stories on Youtube and found out that using a facial brush helps with acne. I really wanted the famous Clarisonic facial brush but it so so expensive! So I bought a cheaper alternative. I found a great facial brush which has a lot of good reviews in Althea PH, the Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser.   

The Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser deep cleans pores and promises to make skin brighter. It has soft micro fibers that cleanse our pores with 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute. It is also water proof and very easy to use. It only needs 1 AAA battery. I've been using this brush for quite sometime now and I still have not replaced the battery. The brush head lasts for a long period of time. It is also removable and replaceable.
It also comes with a stand which is very handy for storage purposes. So far, I love this brush! it definitely took my skin care routine to a whole new level. Especially when I wash my face with makeup, I can really see the difference when I'm using it and when I'm not. If you don't use a facial cleanser yet, you better do! You might feel that your face is squeaky clean after using a facial soap but not until you use a facial brush. It removes stubborn dirt that your facial soap cannot remove.

I also bought a facial foam cleanser that I can use together with the facial brush. It's the Raclia Derma Clear Cleansing Foam. It is said to remove excessive sebum, red skin and black heads. It is made of herb ingredients which what actually caught my attention (thumbs up for natural ingredients!). 
The texture honestly looks very gross. You know what I mean! lol But nevertheless, I love how this cleanser cleanses my skin without leaving it dry. I use this together with the pobling facial brush right after I remove my makeup and it really works so good! I can feel my skin cleansed and dirt free. My skin is still getting breakouts once in a while (especially when I sleep late at night) but I can really say that these products especially the facial brush help improve my skin condition. I have used these products for quite some time and they really work well to me.

Leave your comments down below if you like this review. And let me know if you have tried these products too! Also, if you guys want to grab one of these, go directly at Althea (click here). They have authentic Korean products!  


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