KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Review

My classmates used to love lip tints and their lips looked chappy in my opinion. So I never really liked lip tints and lip products overall ever since. It's just that lately because of the hype about Kylie's lip kit and all other brands that came along with it, I wanted to try lipsticks. I loved the transfer proof of the overly hyped matte lip products but it dries my lips so much even if I moisturize my lips beforehand. So I was really looking for some alternative to matte lipsticks that could still give me that transfer proof effect. And I saw these lip tints all over Facebook and Instagram. I didn't really bother checking these out because it wasn't a known brand and I don't really like trying out unknown brands for safety purposes and all that stuff. But a lot of my friends use this brand and they love it. I wanted to try it and then my boyfriend suddenly gave me these two. HAHA I saved money!

I got two shades of KJM Cheek and Lip Tint. I got Girl Talk (left) and Summer Kiss (right)

My favorite though would be Girl talk. I love how these products are so cheap! The fact that it can be used both as a lip tint and cheek blusher, that saves a lot of money. It doesn't really dry my lips that much as matte lipsticks do. Definitely a great lip product for a quick and natural everyday look! If you're a student and you want to try makeup and still save money, get this! you won't regret! it's definitely perfect for a high school or college student too!

Girl Talk on my lips and cheeks

Summer Kiss on my cheeks


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