Usana OneX8 Iligan Christmas Party 2016

How many Christmas parties have you attended so far? I've been to two already and there's gonna be more in the coming days. My OneX8 family and I just celebrated our Christmas party last December 18. We played games, ate good food and won amazing prizes. For this year, we decided to have a raffle draw with great prizes at stake. The grand prizes were 43 inch LED TV, Samsung Tablet and a Samsung J5 phone. Too bad I didn't win any of those but I enjoyed the party and that's what really matters.
Our team won in the balloon relay game and we got pillbox as prizes! 

The grand prize ready to be taken away! 
It wasn't a big and grand party but being with these bunch of positive and motivating people made the event extra special. Hope you're having a lovely day! Happy holidays!


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