Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!! It's actually the 26th today. Been busy yesterday so I wasn't able to blog. But anyway, we didn't really prepared big time for Christmas this year in terms of "noche buena". I guess we just came to the point of being matured enough to know that Christmas and its festivity doesn't depend upon what dishes you prepar in the dining table. We only have a layer of cake which I bought from Tedts by the way, and a bottle of wine. 

I guess it's better this way too since we won't be stressed out preparing for food for the Christmas celebration which normally what happens to us every Christmas. I'm glad we were very chill and relax while waiting for 12midnight. We attended a party of my uncle's Christmas celebration at his Automotive shop for us and his employees. It was fun! I didn't have any photos though but it was a lot of fun playing games and chitchatting with my relatives in the Christmas eve.

We then went to see some Christmas themed parks around town and has some photo session. It's isn't as beautiful as what's in Tangub but I can see the effort so I'm giving them a thumbs up!
We definitely had a simple celebration this year which I think is better economically and physically lol But yeah, anyway I hope you guys are having a blast for this holiday season! Share the love and blessings! Merry Christmas from my family to yours! <3


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