Beauty Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper

Time for another beauty review! Everybody knows that this year's biggest beauty trend is matte lipsticks. Well mostly because of Kylie Jenner. Let's give her the credits because she truly started the trend as far as I know.

So with that, everybody was dying to try her lipkit (including me) which are so expensive. And because I don't want to splurge so much with a tube of lipstick, I decided to opt for the cheaper alternative, Colourpop. Since it's only sold abroad, it's a bit more expensive than the original price (shipping, tax, etc) here in the Philippines. I bought it for 500php from a friend. It's quite pricey if we compare it to the local brands but it's actually very reasonable when we think about it's quality and the brand name itself. And it's way cheaper if we compare it to Kylie's lipkit which only has a tiny bit of difference in terms of formulation since they are both manufactured in the same company.

I bought the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in the shade beeper. 

Packaging & Smell
I'm satisfied with how it was packaged. The box was simple but nicely designed. Love the silver "Ultra matte lip" font on the box and tube. It totally made the box and tube fancy. And yes, it does have a smell but it's not that strong and noticeable.

Color & Pigmentation
It's actually quite hard to describe the color. When you look from the tube, it has like a mauve color. But when you apply it on the lips, it looks more brown with a hint of purple to it. It doesn not look obvious on the photo because of the lighting though. But the color is very pigmented and intense. You won't need to apply a second coat. Hence, it's very budget friendly.

in natural light
in flash
It's very easy to apply, with one coat you can already cover your entire lips. It dries very quick so you definitely have to apply faster than you normally would. But it's not much of a problem though since you can apply it so easily because it's already very pigmented and you don't need to apply a second coat.

The only downside I can say is because it's Ultra Matte, it can really be drying. It flakes on my lips after hours of wearing it. You will definitely need a good and moisturizing lip balm. You will also have to exfoliate your lips before and after application. But it will never let you down in terms of longevity. It lasts all day even after eating a full meal. It's transfer proof which is what I really love about it. Quick fact: I never had a thing for lip products because I always hated when it transfers on the tops I wear, on the cups and straws I use when I drink, on the spoon, etc. But when smack proof products like this came out, I was immediately attracted to try one out. 

I think that this shade is perfect for the fall - cold weather. But I definitely think not for everyday wear. Well, if you like to rock dark lips everyday then you can do so. It's just my personal preference. Nudes and brown shades are very trendy lately so I thought I should try one. So I bought this. I tried and I think it looks pretty decent on me. This shade is perfect for night parties and events but maybe not for everyday look.

Here's a comparison of the two matte lipsticks I currently own. I bought First Kiss several months ago and it's what I use on an everyday basis when I feel like wearing a lip stick. I think I made the right choice when I bought the Beeper from Colourpop. I now have two matte lip products that I can use for events and everyday use. Check here for my full review on First Kiss by Natasha Beauty.
Colourpop on the left, Natasha Beauty on the right

Final Verdict- Will I repurchase?
I'll give it an 9/10. I like that it's transfer proof and that it lasts all day. I don't to retouch and all that stuff. I also like the fact that it's easy to apply, it's very pigmented and the tube is very durable. My only concern is that it can be drying to the lips and I need to always exfoliate. But yes, I will definitely repurchase. I'd love to try a different shade, a more subtle shade perhaps!

That's it. Let me know if you guys have tried Colourpop (which I know most of you already have) and what are your thought about it. Also, let me know what's your favorite shade from them! <3


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