We are all busy. That's a fact. No one in this world have the luxury to waste time. Even the ones who have nothing to do, idle and bored are busy. Busy day dreaming. I also kind of do that which I pretty much hate. I am a lazy kind of person and so when I get to do something I tend to get exhausted and lazy right away. I feel that I don't have the motivation to work and be productive.

Good thing that I have been doing some pretty good stuff lately aside from work.
 Had the chance to meet some good friends. It was my first time to meet Jj after a long time! no kidding! has it been 3 years? and it felt so good. Just chatting around, catch up with with things and life. Lady was also there, my boyfriend and Jj's.

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 7th year together with a relaxing spa session. I have already blogged about this (here).

Here's some shots on my sister and brother's birthday celebration in our province. My sister decided to celebrate and share her blessings with our distant relatives in the province. It was a good time to meet our relatives and talk just about anything.
Also, it was our city fiesta and we literally hopped through different houses! this photo was taken when we decided to have a break and sit in the mall while waiting for our friend to fetch us. I was so full I cannot even eat anymore on the next house that we went.

Went to Manila just last week for the Usana Grand Horray. Usana never fails to amaze me with the quality of production and the effort they exert to make every convention worth it. We had so many great speakers that I have learned a lot from. It was my first time to see Mr. Francis Kong and I was very thrilled and beyond excited. Learned a lot from him. He is truly a man of wisdom. Hopefully next convention, I get to walk by the stage and be recognized! hahay... haha

We also, tried Mystery Manila which we failed to solve. lol But we sure had a lot of fun. Also, we skillfully manage to have some time to visit Splash Island and it was so worth it. We only paid 250 pesos for all the rides and pool facility. It only takes a bout an hour to get there from Makati.

Well, I guess that's it for today. I pretty much sum up all the events the past 2 months. I haven't been blogging much about my experiences and memories which was supposedly the aim of this blog. Anyway, I'll keep you posted and will make sure to blog more especially my adventures in Manila in the upcoming posts. Thanks for dropping by!


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