Outfit of The Day: Sporty Casual

What is up you guys!?  this is a long overdue post that have rot in my draft. I wrote this on the last day of school but since I had so many blog posts that I have to prioritize, I had to hold this for quite a time until I totally forgot about it. So I'm posting it today event though it's already on the last week of June. But anyway, I wore this on a casual hot but rainy day. As you all know, our school year recently changed to align with the schools abroad. But it turns out, our summer break isn't really summer here in the Philippines because currently it's the rainy season already.
So I decided to wear a casual sporty look for that day. I wore my over used grey shirt and jeans which I thought would look good with my one and only plaid shirt lol It totally made the look put together. Also, good thing I decided to wear it because it rained in the afternoon and it was a great cover up. It gave me just enough warmth for that chilly weather. 

And because it was sunny at the time I walked out the house, I decided to wear my baseball hat. I love that it completed the look and it gives my face enough shade against the sun. Also, I  have anticipated that it would rain so I made sure to wear my comfy pair of slip on shoes for the slippery wet road. 
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This is just one of those very casual days where I feel lazy to think on mix and matching outfits. So I end up looking casual and sporty which I don't really mind. It's trendy right now anyway.

Anyway, I'll be posting quite a lot of looks and beauty reviews like I always do back in the day. I just missed the good old blogging days where I was just myself, posting my out of style looks without really thinking of what others would think. You know.. just letting my self and creativity flow. And that's what I'm gonna do this summer. I'll try my best to post more of my personal style and beauty finds.

 Also, I wanna know if you like my favorites posts like those I have blogged for the past weeks. I hope you don't mind them because I enjoy making collage of my favorite items. Some of them are sponsored but I sincerely made them in my liking and not just for the sake of posting one and having the money. I'm rambling right now but I hope I make sense. hahaha 

Anyway, that is all for today. Thank you for dropping by and see you on my next post!


  1. comfy outfit!! perfect for our country's very hot weather.

    xoxo, rae

  2. This style looks so good on you.


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