Beauty Review: Gluta-C Kojic Plus Face and Body Powder

For today I am gonna be reviewing Gluta-C with Kojic Plus Face and Body Powder. This came along with the Belo AcnePro soap that I blogged the other day (read here). I was lucky enough to try a full sized sample of this product.
One thing that caught my attention to this product was not actually the whitening effect it promises but the matte finish & oil control benefits that are clearly stated in front of the bottle. As you know, I am having some acne problems so currently I am looking for products that can address to that. Great to know that it has sunscreen properties too.

I decided to get this and try for myself. Again I love the fact that it has the benefits that I am looking for a certain product. I anticipated it to be a couple shades lighter than me but I didn't noticed the "4x whitening effect". So I was a bit surprised when I applied it on my face. I looked like a ghost! lol 

Currently, I'm using it to brighten my under eye area. I tried baking with this product and it does the job. Because it's super whitening, my under eyes definitely brightened than normal.But I don't think I'm using it all over my face because I looked washed out. I still have so much product so this will definitely last a long time to me. 

For mestiza girls, this product might suit your skin tone well. But for medium to dark, definitely not. But if you like whitening products like this, you might want to give this a try. The matte finish and oil control works great.


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