Belo AcnePro Pimple Fighting Bar First Impressions

Pimples and acne can be very problematic and can even crush our self esteem. We all have our own pimple stories and for tonight let me share to you mine.

My skin was pretty problematic way back in high school. My full bangs back then triggered my skin, causing clogged pores and pimples on my forehead which eventually scattered all over my cheeks. It was bad. It got better when I got in college when I used Ellise carrot soap which became my holy grail product ever since. 

My skin was great not until June of last year when my skin got pretty bad. I was in Manila for a week and it was where my skin problem started. I don't know why and how it happened but I guess it was because of the weather. It was so hot and humid! I had so many errands and I was walking back and forth under the heat of the sun. My makeup was soaked in drenching sweat and I think it made my skin irritated so much that I started breaking out badly. And my skin horror story began.

The carrot soap I have been using don't work anymore. I have tried a number of home remedies I found online and even products that I heard were good for skin problems like I have. But all of those seem to not work. But still, I'm positive that soon I'll find the solution to my problem. And here comes Bello Essentials AcnePro Pimple Fighting Bar.
I have been wanting to try this acne solutions by Belo but I wasn't so sure if it'll work on my condition. Good thing I immediately grabbed one when I found it on Sample Room. Now I don't have to read reviews anymore because I can personally try it. I got a full sized sample from Sample Room, just enough for me try and test the product in a span of time. 

Packaging wise, it's pleasant and elegant looking. The great thing is that the plastic covering the soap can easily be pulled off. No need to get a scissor guys. It has a very distinct Belo smell just like the rest of the Bello soap available in the market. The smell is gentle and very smoothing.  I love that it doesn't melt so easily when wet which means it might last a long time. Also, thumbs up to this soap because it is paraben free!
So far for one week using it, I have not seen any big improvements yet. It's still too early to judge the product though. I will use it for a month to see whether there will be improvements with my skin. I'm documenting every step of the way so if ever there will be improvements I'll definitely share and blog about it. But so far so good. It easily removes makeup and dirt without drying my skin so thumbs up for that. 
Overall, the product is great. I just have to wait and see results before I make a full review. I also have Gluta-C that came along with this soap which I will be making a full review too. So watch out for that! :) That's it for today guys. Have a great weekend!


  1. I was wondering what happened after using this product for a month? I tried searching ur blog for update but did not found any.. :( I'm trying to look for product that could cure my back acne.. huhuhu
    Does this one work?

    1. Hi! I wasn't able to give an update about this product kasi I lost the bar and then I totally forgot about giving the review. I was able to use it for 2 weeks and I didn't notice any big difference. I used it in a short span of time so it's understandable. But one thing I liked about it is that it didn't dried out my skin. But the downside is that the soap melts so easily. You can try it out for your bacne, I think it works well kasi I've read some feedback about it in some other blog posts.


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