10 Reasons to Love Descendants of the Sun

Don't tell me you haven't heard of DOTS (Descendants of the Sun) yet ? if you really have not, I bet you're not somewhere from Asia. lol  DOTS is currently the most popular television series across Asia right now! because why not!? It stars Soong Jong Ki (Yoo Shi Jin), Song Hye Kyo (Kang Mo Yeon), Jin Goo (Seo Dae Young), and Kim Ji-Won (Yoon Myeong Joo).

Here, I'm listing some of the reasons why everybody is obsessing over this hit South Korean series!

1. Cutie overload courtesy of these two awesome soldiers!
Every girl will gush over these two cuties from the start of the series! not only are they cute and handsome but are very cool too! Their roles as handsome mighty soldiers captivates every girls heart!

2. And more handsome soldiers! *wink

3. So much cute and funny scenes that will brighten your day!
Though this drama centers on a love story between a soldier and a surgeon amidst lots of challenges and issues on their respective professions and about the value of life, this drama never fails to put a smile on our faces with some cute and funny scenes such as...

4. This duo's adventures are to watch for
This two adorable soldier's adventures are to watch for too! they make such a great tandem and their brotherhood and great friendship makes a lasting impression.

5. You'll gush over how flawless these leading ladies are.
And these leading ladies are to die for! their flawless and pore less skin in every scene is unbelievably amazing! They are totally the "beauty peg"! I wonder what products they use! lol

6. These two lead couples will drive you nuts!
And of course, the love story and the kilig scenes in every episode are what everyone is waiting for! There is undoubtedly strong chemistry on the two lead couples! they makes us feel kilig, sad and all the mixed emotions. They basically drive us nuts! 
Soong Jong Ki as Yoo Shi Jin & Song Hye Kyo  as Kang Mo Yeon

Jin Goo as Seo Dae Young and Kim Ji-Won as Yoon Myeong Joo

7. The Cinematography will stun you!
Another thing that will stun you is how good the cinematography is! you will be amazed at every scene on how they managed to capture such view! And you will really notice how big this drama is because of the production quality! 

8. The Drama
The feels! I can't even... I cannot explain the roller coaster emotion you will feel in every episode. You will laugh, smile, and then cry and then .. and then.. you better watch this drama to find out more! haha you will never regret!

9. The intense fight scenes will give you quite the adrenaline rush.
I love the fact that this drama has a lot of action pact scenes! I love that this love story isn't all lovey-dovey and that it has quite a different setup compared to many love stories nowadays. You know what I mean? the action scenes are just too perfect and flawless! the stunts, guns, shots and everything! its a perfect mix of action, drama, comedy and romance.

10. The Soundtrack will dig you deeper in every scenes.
I may not understand the lyrics but all the songs they used in this series were so on point and even makes the scenes more romantic and felt. You know what I mean? Two of my favorites are "You Are My Everything" and "Always". Here is an English version of You Are My Everything covered by Marianne Topacio. Fun fact, she's a Filipina and she even has Tagalog version of Always and You Are My Everything. Definitely check out her Youtube Channel for more covers of hit Korean Songs.

If you really ask me all the things I love about the series, you'll be reading tons of pages ! hahaha If you really wanna find out why everyone is gushing over this series, you better watch it yourself! it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make! hahaah seriously!

It's actually down to the last episode. Tonight, April 14, 2016 will air the last episode of this drama and I couldn't even.... I will surely miss this series! and last night's episode was so intense! I don't know what will happen next. It left everyone hanging! but I guess, that's another thing I love about this series. Anyway, don't watch the ending until you watch all the previous episodes. It will spoil you! hahaha

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