OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum REVIEW

Another review guys!  from Wishtrend!Remember my previous blog post about the packages I got and reviewed all the way from Korea c/o Wishtrend? (review here and here) For those who haven't know Wishtrend yet...

Wishtrend is an online shop which offers Korean beauty secrets with their brands that are widely used by Koreans but not that famous globally. Hence, the secret behind Korean Beauty. Wishtrend was launched Fall of 2011. From their first order, they began selling and currently they offer almost 400 products from 30 different brands in over 50 countries worldwide. The company values their customers more than anything. In fact, the company has more than 100,00+ customers loyal to them for their effective products, fast delivery and services. The company's mission is to offer you products to help you more beautiful.

This time, I got one of their best sellers --> OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum. Its known as "Red Bottle" in Korea which contains 6,000mg of 100% pure vitamin C equivalent with 40 oranges, 120 strawberries and 200 mandarins. It is made with advance quality and technology, manufactured as a vitamin for skincare. According to Wishtrend, this Serum could:

-Remove dead skin cell
-Tighten Pores
-Recover trouble scars
-Remove blackheads
Unto the review..

It was fast and it came pretty quicker than I expected. It came in a sturdy box for protection of the product. The Serum was contained in a sealed glass bottle with a clean wrapped dropper.

I find the packaging (box) sleek and nice, same with the bottle. The bottle contains 30ml of Pure vitamine C. Though it doesn't have a pump, it comes with a dropper which made it easy to apply too.

However, unlike what's written in front of the box, the other parts aren't in English and what's even worse is that it doesn't have any piece of paper inside with directions or translation of what's written in the box.
It says "store in a cool dry place".
The manufacturing and expiration date written at the bottom part of the box.

The moment you open it, you can immediately smell citrus! its like the smell of the Vitamin Cs in the market. It tastes like Vitamin C too (if you accidentally lick on it lol) 

It's not too thick nor too runny. Its just in between. Its easy to apply too because you can scatter it on your face pretty easy and you won't need too much of it.

When you apply it, you can feel a slight stinging sensation since its acid (vitamin c) but its normal as what Wishtrend foretold. It takes around 2-3 drops to cover the entire face. According to wishtrend, it should be done after cleaning or washing your face and before you put on any moisturizer. But as for me, I didn't put moisturizer since I really don't put anything in normal days. But I suggest you put some since it was what Wishtrend recommend for better result. Anyway, it feels really sticky and gooey when applied. It takes around 10-15 minutes before entirely absorbed.
See how my pore condition is?

It took me a week to try it on before I did this review. And for a week, I didn't see much changes.I didn't see any shrinkage of the pores nor the blackheads. But I did feel my skin much smoother and brighter after a week of application. Maybe I just need a little more time before it totally effect on me and maybe I really need to put moisturizer with it. Anyway, I'll post an update once I could see big improvement using this product. 

Its expensive. USD24.99

I've heard a lot of good reviews about this product but this just haven't gave me an impact, well not yet. I hope it will effect sooner to me. And I also do hope they could give English translation to what's written in the box so we could also understand. If they're targeting the worldwide market, they should really do this. But I guess this product is worth the try and besides a lot of people gave good feedback with it so why not right??


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  1. I bought a Vitamin C serum too but from a different brand. Haven't opened it yet. Looking forward to your review. Hopefully it works great! I will be using mine soon too and hope that it will be effective as well.

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  7. Interesting. Love the product but, yeah, it's expensive. Haha


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