Tips To Nail Your Makeup Look For Prom

Prom can be one of the most exciting landmarks in a young life. It draws a line under all the hard work and stress of school. It provides a way to say a friendly goodbye to people we won’t see again or a memory we’ll treasure with close friends forever. It can be a fun and glamorous occasion. Beautiful gowns, sparkling jewelry, and perfect nails mean we might not looking this amazing again until our wedding day! But for all the glitz and excitement, prom can be daunting too. We may not be used to sprucing ourselves up or find it difficult to know where to begin. But help is at hand. Whether you’re going to prom yourself or have a friend or relative in that position, getting organized early always helps. 

Nailing your makeup look can be the key to feeling confident and positive on the night. Proms and formals are becoming more relaxed and accepting than ever, so many people are going quirkier with their outfits. Whatever your personal style, a flattering makeup look that highlights your features is timeless. Read on for the tips you can’t afford to miss.
Invest In Your Foundation
Foundation is one of the most commonly misused makeup products. There’s a reason why there are so many memes and jokes about girls looking the wrong color or being caked in makeup. Foundation can be hard to get right! There is a lot to consider but if we take our time and get advice, foundation can be our best friend. If we get our base right, the rest of the makeup is sure to follow. We should ensure that we have the correct shade for our skin tone. When we buy makeup online, there is a wealth of choice. But sometimes we might need to be professionally color-matched or test a shade on our jawline. 

Spray tans are very popular at prom. If you’re planning to get one, make sure you are color-matched after you’ve had it done. The other thing we have to get right with foundation is the formula. This means how heavy the coverage is and whether it suits our skin type. Choose a matte or long-lasting foundation if you have an oily skin, and a luminous or hydrating formula if your skin is dry. Don’t be tempted to layer on the foundation if you have a few blemishes. Keep the foundation light and fresh and simply conceal spots afterwards. Beware of too much SPF in a foundation also. Although this protects us from the sun, it can cause flashback in photographs making our face look white. There is likely to be a lot of flash photography at the event, so bear this tip in mind.

Learn To Apply False Lashes
The addition of false lashes to a makeup look can really up the ante! They draw attention to the eyes by darkening and defining our lashline. They make our eyelashes look fuller and longer as a result and are always glamorous. But there is nothing more distracting than eyelashes that are badly applied. We have a few options. Strip lashes have a full, fluttery effect but should be trimmed at the edges if they don’t fit our eyes. Corner lashes add extra definition at the outer corners and are great for creating a cat eye look. Individual lashes are the most natural but still create a beautiful effect. We can either consult a professional at a salon or follow a YouTube tutorial!

Add Sparkle
Even if our makeup look is very natural and classic with only neutral colors, adding sparkle can lift it to another level. Sweep a shimmering shade across the high points of the cheekbones or eyelids for a fresh, flirty look.

That's it for now. I hope you'll have a blast on your Prom! just enjoy every moment and have fun!


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