A Guide To Flawless Skin Without Makeup

Some people think that flawless skin without makeup doesn’t exist, but this isn’t true. You can get flawless skin without foundation, primer, or anything else as long as you’re consistent. This guide will help get you on the right road!

Don’t Pick Or Touch It
If you get spots or pimples, it can be really easy to pick and touch your skin in an attempt to get rid of them. By doing this, you’re only spreading bacteria and encouraging more spots. You also stand a chance of scarring your skin if you pop too much. Leave your skin alone. The best thing you can do is look after it with the right products and pamper it, not touch it! Even if you don’t have spots or pimples, touching your skin can add bacteria to the surface of your skin. Be more mindful of how often you touch your skin. 

Change Bedding Often
Make sure you change your bedding as often as possible to avoid transferring grease and bacteria on to your skin as you sleep. If you’re getting spots and you don’t know why, it could be because of your pillowcases. Try changing them more regularly and you should notice a big difference. 

Know Your Skin Type
Knowing your skin type is a quick way to work out what you can do for it to clear it up and make it look amazing. You should only ever use products suited to your skin type, or you could be hindering your skin rather than helping it. Before buying any product, you need to make sure it’s perfectly suitable for your skin type. 

See A Dermatologist
If you have skin issues and nothing you do seems to solve them, go and see a dermatologist. They’ll be able to advise you and even give you products to help. A good dermatologist can help clear your skin up and make it look amazing. It’s worth the expense! 

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise
Cleansing, toning, and moisturising are the absolute basics when it comes to what you should be doing. You should be doing this twice a day. If you can, you should use a serum before moisturising, and a regular mask too. Exfoliating is also important. Getting into a routine is a must! 

Watch Your Diet
The stuff you put in your mouth will have a huge impact on your skin. If you’re eating lots of veggies and nuts, you’re going to have better skin than filling your face with Mcdonalds. Be sensible! Eat for good skin and you’ll get good skin. 

Get Some Exercise 
Exercise will help you to get your blood pumping and get all kinds of good things happening in your body. You’ll get a lovely glow!

That's about it. These tips are all effective I tell you. I myself has been suffering quite a bit with acne the past months and I can say, following these steps has improved my skin. Let me know if you are currently suffering from acne problems too or if you've been there and what methods or products have you used to solve it. I'd love to know!



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