3 Beauty Treatments You've Been Meaning To Try For Ages

Let’s be honest; there seems to be a new beauty treatment on the market every week! It can be super hard to keep up! And, because new ones are popping up all time time, it can be easy to miss the best ones.

Three beauty treatments that you’ve probably been meaning to try for ages are based around your brows, your skin, and your hair. First up, HD brows. Wave goodbye to an awkward threading session in your local mall. HD brows are big business, and for good reason. Secondly, how about your skin? From home treatments to salon treatments, there is one type you’ve probably wanted to try your hand at for some time. And finally, your hair. Ombre is now well and truly a thing of seasons past, so what has it been replaced by? Read on to find out...

1) HD Brows
We’ve all had that moment of letting our eyebrows grow out, and then looking in the mirror and thinking oh no! They look terrible! I need to get them sorted ASAP! It really is quite incredible just how much of an impact your eyebrows have on your face. But then again, some say that around 70% of your facial expressions are dictated by your brows.

Just as bad brows can make you look terrible, good brows can make you look utterly gorgeous! This is where HD brows come in. A relatively new treatment, it consists of seven steps. You are in control from start to finish. If you want big and bold- you can have it! But equally, if you want neat and subtle, this is attainable too. 

2) An Upgrade Chemical Peel
We all know that taking great care of our skin has dozens of benefits. These benefits aren’t just for the here and now, either. They can help prep you for healthy skin in the future, like giving you the ability to fight wrinkles. One treatment you’ll be wanting to try are acid peels. These are even better than standard chemical peels. A super-exfoliant, it sloughs away dead skin cells, removing a surface layer of the skin. This takes blemishes and issues with it, leaving you with a top layer that is new, fresh and much healthier. A great thing about these is that the effect is immediate. This means no waiting around for a few hours or even days to see the effects! While you can do them at home, it’s always a much safer bet to get a professional to do it for you.

3) Balayage
Ombre was big news a few years ago. The catwalk models were doing it, and then the celebrities copied. Finally, it trickled down to us normal people, and we went mad for it! In case you don’t know how ombre and balayage are different, here is the low down.Ombre is making your hair two or more different colors by fading down to the new color and the ends of the hair. As a result, the color change is pretty defined, sometimes even an actual line across your hair where the color changes. Balayage, however, is far more natural looking. The hair stylist applies the color free-hand, to your whole lower section of hair. It’s a great look for summer, as it lifts your natural color without looking too ‘done’.


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