8 Beauty Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Whether you're running late or you're just as lazy as I am. You'll pretty much need a couple of tricks on the beauty department. Good thing, life hacks are here to rescue! 

For today, I'm sharing you some of the coolest and amazingly mind blowing beauty life hacks every girl should know!
Keep Your Trusted Make up Remover On The Side Of Your Bed
If you're one lazy girl like me, one trick to avoid sleeping with your makeup on is by having make up removers on the side of your bed. There wouldn't be any excuses for not removing your makeup! all you gotta do is grab a piece before your eyes fall out.

Eye Liner Using Mascara
If you're out of budget or you have no time to shop for an eyeliner, you can definitely use mascara for the mean time! Just take an your eye liner brush and dip it in the mascara brush to get enough of the black liquid and apply on your lids! tadaaaa! eye liner done!

Transform Your Daytime Look To A Sultry And Smokey Night Time Look Using Cotton Swab
Cotton swab works wonder in the beauty department. If you're running out of time to change your makeup look for a night event. Simply grab a piece of cotton swab and smudge your eyeliner for an effortless smokey night time look.

Effortless Natural Looking Wavy Hair 
Braid your hair the night before and sleep with it until you wakeup. Not only will this save you minutes of preparation in the morning but will also give you an effortless and natural looking waves. Use your favorite hair spray to lock in the curls.

Create A Tight Bun By Tying Tying Your Hair Separately First
Secure your bun by this simple technique! All you gotta do is tie your hair in a pig tail as shown above before you twist it and form into a bun. This will give you a tighter and more secured bun.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar as Toner
Apple Cider is pretty much available on our kitchens so this trick is one of the easiest. If you're running out of budget, try mixing apple cider vinegar with water as toner to balance your skin's ph before applying your favorite moisturizer.

Get rid of split ends by twisting locks of your hair.
Especially because its summer and the temperature is getting even hotter, split ends are most likely to appear. Moisturize and take good care of your hair by applying several serums or oil. But if you're hair is too damaged to take care of and the split ends are just too visible, try twisting your hair and cut the split ends you see sticking out. This is the easiest method if you don't wanna cut several inches off of your hair.

Save your dried mascara by dipping it in a hot water.
This trick works wonders! rescue your favorite but dried up mascara by dipping it down a mug with a hot water for about five minutes. This will melt down the dried mascara inside the tube and will give you an even and better clump free consistency.

So those are just some of the amazing life hacks that I've gathered on the internet. Isn't it amazing?!! surely it is!! If you know other cool life hacks, please let me know in the comments section down below!


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