Favorite Scenes from Descendants of The Sun

We've just watched the 2nd special episode of our beloved South Korean series, "Descendants of the Sun". And if you're like me who can't still move on from the series, join me in reminiscing our most favorite scenes that made us gigil, laugh, tensed and all the other mixed emotions from DOTS.

This is a very long post so.. brace yourselves ahaha!

This scene has one of the best cinematography in the whole series! this is one memorable scene not just because of the kiss under the sunset but because the whole vibe, the view and everything was done perfectly!

This scene was what everybody was waiting for! their first kiss!

I cannot tell you how gigil I was while watching this episode! hahahaha! this was the time when Captain Yoo Si Jin was listening to Dr. Kang's recorded love confession (when she was about to fall of the cliff). It's too funny to narrate, you have to watch it!

This was the scene that I decided I will watch this entire series! this couple really has unexplainable chemistry! their first meeting was just too cute!

This scene was still part of episode 1 I think and it even made me so attached to the series even on its first episode! who wouldn't be hooked with Song Jong Ki's cute stare!!??

I cannot enumerate all the funny scenes that made me laugh out! these two are just some of the ones I love!

This scene was one of the last episode's which made me laugh into tears! yes! literally because these two dancing , fanboying mighty soldiers were too cute and funny!

This scene is probably my favorite of all! one of the scenes that has the best cinematography in the whole series. Also, this scene was so dramatic because this was when they met again for the first time in months since they decided to end their connection.

This was when Dr. Kang have decided to accept the kind of relationship they have. That they won't ever have a normal dating relationship unlike other couples. She was very brave at this scene despite her doubts about how their relationship will work because of their differences in profession, belief and the struggle of having a soldier boyfriend.

After an intense fight scene, Captain Yoo could have died if Dr. Kang wasn't able to revive and bring back his life. The episode before this actual scene really shocked me when the trailer showed a seemingly dead captain yoo! good thing he was alive! phew!

One of the best scenes which gave me intense goosebumps!  It was so perfectly done! and Song Jong Ki was so great! especially when he said "then save him". *clap! clap! clap! He deserves an award for this scene!

This was one of the most unforgettable scene too. This was when Captain Yoo decided to rescue Dr. Kang himself. I love the part when he said "forget this part" to Dr. Kang when he was about to shot the enemy which was one of his comrades before. It was so great!

Probably one of my most favorite part next to the "WELCOME TO URK" Scene. This was when they crossed path during an epic situation of rescuing the earthquake survivors. It was so dramatic. Their stares.. despite the silence their actions speaks so loud! that they still care. ugggghh! just watch it if you haven't yet.

This was another scene that has amazing cinematography! just look at it! the view is breathtaking! the view is perfect for the kiss shot!

One of the most dramatic scene. Literally, the episode before this scene... was so sad because everyone really thought our main lead was dead! imagine, for one year he was known to be dead and Dr. Kang was about to commemorate his death anniversary then he suddenly appeared! Dr. Kang was so emotional and obviously she cannot believe what she was seeing. Can you imagine her situation??!

I also love this scene with the 2nd lead couple! Their kiss under the snow was so amazingly done! the cinematography was flawless!!! and this scene was very dramatic too! well done by the actors and the crew!

The ending gave me chills and literally tears! hahhaa! it was a happy and satisfying ending but at the same time, it was the ending which means I won't be seeing this couple anymore! which makes me really sad! and right now, I'm still on the process of withdrawing from the series! i can't move on! 

If I were to put my favorite scenes, I literally could not pin point any because I love everything! I have to admit, this post was quite hard to make. But I guess, among all episodes these scenes were the ones who really stood out to me.

Tonight as you read this, the 2nd special episode might have already ended which means, tomorrow night will be the last night for our DOTS. I just can't... I can't tell you how I feel. It's hard to move on! hahahaha! anyway, let me know if these scenes are also your favorites in the comments section down below.



  1. it seems an amazing love story..thanks for sharing


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