Sporty Is The New Cool Girl

If you are a huge Instagram or Youtube user and you follow the Hollywood celebrities, you will notice how sporty dressing is taking over the fashion world. Gone are the days when bodycon and tight fitting dresses are in. This 2016, sporty dressing is new "cool girl". Check out below some tips on how you could incorporate sporty dressing with your personal style.

White sneakers is key
White sneakers will always slay no matter what style you are trying to achieve. It definitely goes with everything! and the sporty dressing this 2016 suits perfectly for the white sneakers trend.

Flaunt your Sporty Hat + Cool Sunglasses
A nice comfy hat and cool sunglasses will not only shade you from the flashy sunlight but will also complete your sporty look! wear anything with a hat and boom! you will look sporty effortlessly.

All black ensemble will always look edgy
You need to be able to pull off an all black ensemble. Black and black ensemble will always look good with every style including the sporty fashion trend right now. You can also add little hints of color here and there if you want to play around with it.

Sports bra + Yoga pants combo
Because it's sporty fashion, work out clothes definitely works outside the gym. Strut your Sports bra + Yoga pants combo anytime you want because why not!? it is actually praised right now(not here in the Philippines thought)

Bomber Jacket 
Layer a nice baggy jacket to complete the look. You can tie it around your waist or simply wear it when you're getting cold. Also, it will be more fun to experiment with your looks when drawing inspiration form your cool girlfriends! 

Those are the staple items you need to have to achieve the sporty look. The bottom line here is to look casual, comfy and baggy. Obviously, tight fitting clothes are a big NO. Mens inspired outwear, oversized clothes and slip on shoes are the key. It should look effortless and that you have not put so much thought into it. One more thing, you should be able to incorporate your inner style into it to be original. That's it I think. I hope these tips will help you achieve the latest trend!


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