Oscars 2016 Best Red Carpet Looks

Here we are for another recap of our favorite red carpet looks! I just did a Best Dressed List for the Grammys (click here) the other day and today, i'll be giving you my best red carpet looks from this year's Oscars.

Surely everyone looked gorgeous and dashing in the Oscars Award Show. But I certainly had my eyes poppin on certain personalities as they captivated me with their perfect red carpet looks! Here, take a look.
This girl is on fire! she looked fierce! and the overall feel of this dress reminds me of mocking jay. Slay!

Loving the electric royal blue color of this gown (reminds me of Miss Universe). She surely looked like a goddess with the ruffles and belt detail.

This pants-skirt trend has been going around lately here in my country but it's my first time seeing someone from Hollywood rocking this style. Anyway, this by far is my most favorite look of Lady Gaga. Gone are the days when she wore the meat dress! this phenomenal pop star is running away from the monster fashion, and turning into an elegant sophisticated look. 

I can't believe the "Lovely Bones" star is a grown up now!  she's been my favorite since she was a kid and I've watched quite a lot of her movies! and she absolutely mesmerized me with her ember green sequined dress! she absolutely look sexy and elegant. Totally digging her look.

Also digging this gorgeous mermaid sequined dress. Love that she kept her accessories simple to give all the attention to her gorgeous dress. 

I am in love with this elegant sequined gold dress! the fit is perfect and the plunging neckline shows off the perfect amount of skin. 

You know I have a thing for lace! this dress totally got me from the moment I saw this. The front slit makes the look balanced since the upper part is a bit covered up. Love the overall details!

She is everyone's best dressed! it's no question! her body just looked even more awesome with the fit of this dress. I also love the sexy back detail (which you obviously can't see) which adds a huge appeal to the overall look.

She totally looked like a Grecian goddess! She look very sexy and stunning. Love the plunging neckline and the cute back detail too!

Love this bold dress on her. Her curves were perfectly fitted with the dress and I also love that she wore a necklace to accentuate the sexy plunging neckline.

As I always say, your best dressed might not be same as mine because obviously we have different fashion likes. But let me know if you love my favorite Oscar looks! would love to know <3


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