Lazy Dress

I am a lazy person which reflects my style so much! I love wearing basics where I don't get to stress out if it will look nice because I know it will because basics are always nice! get what I mean? :) that's how lazy I am!there's no denying! lol

And most of the time, I dress very lazy. I'm the typical shirt-jeans type of person but lately I discovered dresses are more laid back, more comfortable and basic just like the dress I'm wearing. I also just got this very comfortable slip on shoes from Yoins. It's the most comfy shoes I've had my entire life as of now. It's very trendy right now, no wonder because this shoes just goes with everything!

 I had errands with my Mom that we had to do in town the day this photo was taken. Thanks to my Mom for taking these photos <3 This was a typical Sunday afternoon which I thought was perfect for a lazy outfit like this. 

It's been a long time since I posted an outfit post. This was short but I hope you like it!
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