Family Adventure to Tangub City's Christmas Symbols

So my family and I went on a short new year getaway at Tangub to visit their popular annual Christmas symbols. We pretty much enjoyed the 4 hour drive getting there and most of all the place we went to. We arrived pretty early at 5PM so we ate dinner first to not be disrupted later on. Good thing we we were able to get there early when there weren't much people because at 7pm the whole place was jam packed! 

Tanggub is popular for their annual Christmas Symbols tradition every December. They make replicas of popular buildings and monuments from all over the world. Of course they're not as flashy as you can think but they still look good with all the lights and effects. Also, it's a competition which makes it even more better for they try to make the best as they could. Anyway, here are some snaps.
In case you're wondering, this replica of Disney won 1st. Because. why not!? it looks gorgeous both from afar and near! Also, if you can tell they light changes frequently which makes it stand out from the rest. 
We also can get inside the replicas which was actually good. They had a lot of things going inside which enabled us to enjoy and take photos with.
We went upstairs in a tall replica and we saw this gorgeous view!
We pretty much went inside all the replicas. Here in this photo was taken in the Disney one with my siblings and cousins.
Of course, OOTN! This Yoins slips on shoes literally took me to places! very comfy!

We all had fun that night! also, the day after we went to Hoyohoy the first thing in the morning and it was beyond amazing! I will make a separate blog post about it so get excited! :)


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