2016 Goals

Setting yearly goals are like boring because the same goals go every year. I know, I’m also quite tired of promising the same things to myself but I think that is much better than not having goals at all! Goals make your direction in life. Without it, you’ll be left lying in bed all day. Goals are supposed to have deadlines but let’s all admit, most of the time they’re left as goals. It would be better if we really hit them but I think that’s just how it is, because that’s life.  So guys if you have read my previous resolutions, they’re just actually kind of the same for this year but let’s just get on with it okay!?
 Be fit
This year, I will make sure to take care of myself better than  did last year. I will try my best to eat on time and eat only healthy food as much as possible. Also, less fast food and preservatives! hopefully.

    Give my 100% best in Usana
I want to get a big leap on my Usana business this year. I hope to really change myself and do good with Usana! I cannot wait to rank up and enjoy the Usana Lifestyle.

    Start online shop
I want to expand my online shop. I used to have an Instagram shop but it was limited to local customers. This time, I want to open it globally so I was thinking of investing on an online shop that I could really say mine where I can establish my brand well.

    Take Blog/youtube channel seriously
This year I want to get serious and creative more with my blog content. Also, I will try (hopefully) to make Youtube videos this year.

        Be better at school
Another thing is to be serious at school. Last year was a bit off because I was like playing and not focusing on my subjects.

      Read books
This year I want to be a bookworm and learn things by reading many books. Not only novels but financial books perhaps and those books that will teach me a lot of things.

     Save money / invest
I also badly want to earn this year and be able to save them so I can invest them and grow them for future use. I'm not getting any younger so I need to be fast with achieving my personal dreams and my family's dream.

I won’t be giving too much details because they’re obviously self-explanatory  and they’re pretty much the same from last year. So I guess that’s all for now. I hope I’d get all these things by the end of the year! <3 See you next time!


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