Usana Grand Horray!

This happened several weeks ago. I never really had the time to blog about things lately because I was quite busy with my Masters and a lot more. But enough of my excuses, this convention was better than the first I've attended last June. It was full blast! I was so overwhelmed with all the speech I've heard and it lifted my Usana spirit up so high! It was even more memorable because I get to experience it with my Mom, my boyfriend and my co-Usana associates. 

The show kicked off with an epic dance number.  Love the stage set up and the sound system too! the sound system during the last convention I attended was a bit off so I was very glad that this time, it was way better. 

Several Usana Athletes came to celebrate with us at MOA Arena.

We filled the whole Arena! it was incredibly amazing! also, some of our co associates from Iligan were awarded for their hardwork and dedication in sharing the good news about Usana. It was good seeing them up stage being awarded, because for sure someday I'd be there too! There were also several production numbers that we enjoyed.

Here's my Mom enjoying the view around Makati.
This was the day before the Usana Convention. We went to OneX8 event at Quezon City to celebrate with our teammates. It was so fun and inspiring! We get to hear some of our co-associates' success stories and it made me think that I haven't done much compared to them, and so I don't have the right to complain why my business is not doing that good!  

Picture taking with my team!

More snaps from the Grand Convention :)

It was a great experience and I can't wait for the next convention, February next year! Also, I can't wait to go up stage and get my award! I need to focus now and do my business as hard as I could!
Anyway, that's all for now guys. Till my next post!



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