BlogGirls Holiday Grand Giveaway!

How are you guys! been a while since I last hosted a giveaway. I missed hosting giveaways because giveaways are always fun! I love joining giveaways so I know the feeling of wanting to win a particular prize. And so I always think about hosting one the past months because it's fun making people happy, especially you my readers. This giveaway is my way of giving back to you for all the years we've been together .

So I wanted to give something grand and worth the time. I was thinking of hosting my own giveaway but when a group of awesome bloggers invited me for a giveaway collab, I immediately grabbed it. Before I reveal our prizes and all the mechanics, let me first introduce you to the awesome ladies behind this amazing giveaway:

Polen Mariano of GetOutDear
Julia Antoinette Macaranas of JuliaAntoinette
Jeini Relova of Ajeinomoto
Iris Jane Mantilla of MomentswithJane
Maria Kristine Redillas of Mariaisquixotic
Beberly Ginete of RicomeetsBhebs
Rej Relova of Superaena
Eleigh Llaneras of WhateverBabe

Show some love and check out their blogs! I'm sure you'll gonna like them. We all arranged this giveaway and it was so fun. I'm glad to say we really took the time to give you a good holiday present with this giveaway that for sure you'll love. So now, let me present to you our Grand Holiday Giveaway! :)

We will be giving away 9 Awesome Prizes plus 1 Grand Winner of 5K Cash!

1. All that are stated in Rafflecopter are mandatory
2. Giveaway accounts are not allowed
3. Giveaway starts 12am of Oct 28, 2015 and ends on 12am of Nov 30, 2015
4. Winners will be announced on Dec. 1, 2015 via social media
5. If winner fails to claim their prize within 48 hours, another winner will be drawn
6. Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only

All you have to do to join is fill up this rafflecopter and please note the terms and conditions stated above. Best of luck guys! 

Don't forget to share this giveaway to all your family and friends! also, let me know in the comments section down below which of the prizes you want to grab! :)

Happy Holidays!


  1. Which prize would you like to get?
    I would like to win the loud basstard bamboo passive amplifier

  2. Which prize would you like to get?
    I would like to get the Loud basstard Bamboo passive amplifier or maybe the power planner

  3. Which prize would you like to get?
    can i have them all? (LOL) i want the eye candies voucher and that awesome loud basstard bamboo passive amplifier


  5. Like to win Loud bastard or 5k Ca$h :)

  6. Which prize would you like to get?
    I want to win the 2 Memory Foam Neck pillow and the loud basstard bamboo passive amplifier

  7. original photo is from @whateverbabe47a :) hoping to win too :D

  8. i would really love to win the 5k cash that i could use for my son tuition,thanks for the giveaway!


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