Best and Worst Dressed at the 2015 AMA

Hey guys! AMA just wrapped up! and as usual red carpet looks are the best thing! (next to the controversial happenings, a.k.a 15 sec kissing) Anyway, as always I look forward to the celebrities' dresses and make up and this year's AMA has been so gorgeous! everyone looked so dashing and elegant, well not everyone though. Here, take a look at my best and worst dressed at the red carpet event.

Selena Gomez
This chic has always been slaying the red carpet. And this year's AMA was yet another gorgeous look by the stunning Selena.  And as far as I've read all over twitter and internet, this look is everyone's favorite! and I couldn't agree more. 

Justin Beiber
Justin Beiber is officially back! and there's no stopping him. People were kinda disturbed with his look but personally, I think he looked unique and cool. Not that red carpet ready look but he slayed it.

Rebel Wilson

Another babe who rocked the red carpet is Pitch Perfect's girl, Rebel Wilson. She wore a stunning metallic dress that looked amazingly perfect on her.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood looked like a goddess with this beautiful dress. She just looked amazingly stunning!

One Direction
You guys, just look at these dashing gorgeous One direction boys. They just look perfect and cute together.

Fifth Harmony
These girls looked stunning too! (as always)  They all have individual fashion style but together they look stunning! 

Demi Lovato
My girl Demi Lovato was absolutely glamorous with her old Hollywood look. She looked even more stunning with his bae Wilmer Valderrama on the red carpet!
Wilmer Valderrama

Bailee Madison
This girl look super super stunning. Her looks just screams glam!

This stunning black dress looked amazing with Ciara's curves! She rocked that dress fabulously.

Gigi Hadid
This gorgeous beauty looked even more gorgeous with this stunning and sexy dress!

Worse or Worst?
So those were my favorite red carpet looks so far. Again, not everyone looked amazingly as I expected. I don't know about you guys if you agree with me, but well just take a look below and you guys decide for yourself.
Hannah Davis
She looked gorgeous but personally, I think her dress was a bit off.  The see through bottom part of the dress and the tanga showing off is not my taste.

Zendaya was always someone to look up to in every red carpet but surprisingly, I had a mix thought with her look at this year's AMA. She look amazing and cute but her dress was not that stunning? I don't know where the dress went wrong. But I just don't feel it.

Ellie Goulding
The dress looks fine and Ellie definitely looked good but her with the dress doesn't feel right.

Ariana Grande
I love you Ariana but this look just doesn't suit you the most. But you still look cute though!

Gwen Stefani
uhm, she looked like a villain. That's all I could say. 

That is it guys, I don't know if you'll agree with me with my list but.. we all have different fashion likes so just get over my opinions if you don't like them. That's just how I feel! comment down below if you agree with my list! or not!?

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  1. wow, carrie underwood's dress was amazing! i think she was the most stunning among everybody you featured :)

    xoxo, rae


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