Combining Style and Comfort

I love to layer textures and prints but as much as I wanted to, I can't. With the weather we have, its impossible to layer. uhm well, you still can if you're willing to be soaked up in sweat then you can do so lol If you live in a tropical country like me, then you already know our style essentials; soft and breathable layers.
Let your style show up but always remember to always prioritize comfort. Comfort is always the key because no matter how gorgeous you look, if you're not feeling comfortable even with a single thing you wear it'll show and would totally ruin your aura. 

 Here I'm wearing a super cute and comfortable tribal printed romper from Romwe then I decided to cover up with a crochet cardigan still from Romwe to create a boho vibe. To finish the look I wore my thrifted boots which I'm currently loving so much and I also braided my hair to add texture. I thought of wearing a floppy hat perhaps but then I realized I don't have one, so sad lol 
 But because comfort is our main topic, I also decided to wear my cute sandals for a more casual look. I always bring a pair of flat shoes or sandals whenever I travel or when I go out of town for a whole day to give my feet little breaks from heels or boots. 
Sorry for my messy braided hair guys. It's my first time in like forever! literally! I'm such a looser when it comes to hair styles that's why if you notice my hair is always either in pony tail or simply flat and messy. 



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