My Week in Cebu

It's been almost a year since I stepped in Cebu. If you could still remember, I've worked there for a year and it was a roller coaster adventure. An adventure where I met many friends and had so many amazing memories I'll surely never forget. Cebu was good but as they say there's no better place like home so after a year though I enjoyed there I decided to come home and stay with my family.

I had the chance to visit Cebu for almost a week ( i just came home yesterday btw) and it was good! I first thought a week there was slightly too long but then I realized it was even too short! time flew really fast! Hate that I had so much in mind but didn't have enough time to do all of them. It was a blast and I had fun. I won't do much talking here and I'll just let the pictures tell the story anyway.
One major thing of my trip to Cebu was this Usana event held at Waterfront Hotel and Bayfront Hotel last weekend. It was so good and inspiring! For me, it was even better than when I was in Manila. It lasted for 5 hours and I was so powered up. Didn't feel any dull moment.

We had dinner at Bucket Shrimps right after the event and we were all full! My mom liked it too!

After almost a year, I was able to meet my friends from Alpa City Suites. I was so gad they didn't change a thing! I mean literally it felt like I never stopped working there and that I haven't been gone for a long time. No awkward feeling at all. Missed them right now..
My good friend Harlene and I after a long time have met and it we literally talked about anything! We ate pasta and I loved my order, except my Mom didn't liked hers hahaha!

Cutie macy! 
Spent my last night in Cebu with a long fun talk at Alpa City Suites with my good friends. So nice to see them again! They were like my family and my world when I was in Cebu a year back. Also, got to see my good friends/boardmates. My mom and I stayed there for the whole trip and it never felt different. It was just like the old times when I stayed there with a bunch of crazy fun people. We also went out but with the long talk and laughs we forgot to take a photo. But nevertheless I wish them all the best in life and I'm pretty sure we'll see each other again anytime soon.


  1. hi emmery! its nice to see you had fun when you revisited cebu and your old friends there, in many ways i can relate :) and also i just wanted to point out how ganda your cheekbones are! what blush are you wearin?


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