Lazy and Edgy

I have this lazy attitude when dressing up. I don't know but I feel good and excited on the thought of dressing up, yet in the actual I always go for what I first see on my drawer, not having to think at all if I already wore this particular top the other day or so. Which I know you've probably experience all the time! (admit it!)
It happens everyday and no matter how hard I try to look extra presentable, I always end up wearing something plain. And in times when I feel too lazy,dresses are my last resort.  This dress I'm wearing is from my shop btw (shamesless promo)  hahahaha! and I feel so comfortable with the fabric and the length is just fine for my height

Since the dress is all black, I decided to give it a little dimension by adding different print (but of the same hue). So I tied up my checkered polo (which has been on my drawer for years!)  and it suddenly added depth and detail to the dress.

Wore my John Lennon inspired sunglasses and spiked hat with this outfit to give a little spice. I opted for a casual look so I wore my go to shoes. 


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